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I use Mozilla Firefox to browse internet and I wanted to know how to take snapshots of websites by using Firefox. I know that 

we can take snapshots through Firefox and there is a shortcut for it. If you know this then please answer this.

Category: Firefox


I often used YouTube with Firefox but it always crashes. I uninstalled and re-install it but it didn't resolve the issue. I even tried reformatting my Windows 7.

However the flash still continue on crashing randomly.

Is this a problem with Firefox itself?

I need some ideas. Thanks.

Category: Firefox

Is it possible to download youtube videos without using any software. I don't want to use software as I use my pc in a

school and I don't have permission to install any software. Please help.

Category: Firefox

I use Firefox to browse internet and I wanted to use new plugins that are available but I had one question.

Would I be able to use it.Won't I be any problem using it?

Category: Firefox

Hello buddies,

I am running Ubuntu 11.10. And the Mozilla Firefox error shows "A plug in is needed to display this content: Adobe Flash Player Installer" So then I install it, it displays "Installed - restart Fire Fox" after that I restart Fire fox but the same error message again pops up.

I don’t found it with Windows 7 (IE, Chrome & Fire fox are fine) or with previous version of Ubuntu. Problem starts when I try to access CallOfRoma.com. Need help.


Category: Firefox

Every time I go to Google home page it asks me whether to install Google chrome. Can someone please let me know how to discard this pop up message. It's very annoying

Category: Firefox

Hello everyone,

I just installed ABP on my 64-bit Windows 7 and I use the debug version of Firefox as my web browser.

The problem here is whenever I open a website which has adds on it. I get the following message:

Please help me to overcome this problem. Following is the screenshot of error message:


Category: Firefox

Yesterday I used Firefox then it became unresponsive 30 minutes later. I closed the program from the task manager.

And now I can't open it. I have reinstalled the program, but nothing changed.

I need solved. 

Thank You.

Category: Firefox

Is there anyway to password protect the bookmarks in firefox.

Category: Firefox

How to add http prefix in Firefox back again, Any idea?