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Mozilla has released Firefox 12 which is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. I want to know its updating feature.

Category: Firefox


I'm a tutor for lecturing young kids and elderly people to learn how to use the internet.

I started my lecture with YouTube because it is a fun way to start and videos are likely to get attention to both of these audiences.

Is there a browser script or even a Firefox add-on that will help manipulate the related searches on YouTube so it displays only the sites that are safe for children and is not too harsh for the elderly?

Category: Firefox

What are the advantages and disadvantages in using embedded media players like Realplayer, Quicktime, and WindowsMedia?

Category: Firefox

I m a freelancer worker with also a blogger. I very much like Blogging and Facebook using. I have also some Facebook account. Sometime I need to two or more Facebook account log in for Facebook sharing because of web site SEO. So that I try to log in one more Facebook account at a time. But that will not possible. have any add-ons which help me to Multi-login at Mozilla Firefox.

N.B: For multi-login, I have to use more browser like Firefox, Chrome, IE-8, opera etc. That make me very disgusting. At this moment, I want any advantage, which are able to multi-login at a time at one browser. Basically preferable Mozilla Firefox.

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I have attempted to uninstall the DownloadAccelerator Plus, Speedbit and Babylon on my computer.

When I restarted my pc, I can no longer use Mozilla Firefox as my browser although Internet Explorer 9 works perfectly.

Firefox gives two errors:

There was a problem starting msizpa32.dll" and The specified module could not be found".

Removing those applications may have caused this problem, it might have included a certain file also being used by Firefox.

I need help in fixing this issue without installing those applications back again.

Category: Firefox


Even though i have the latest version of Firefox  i still get the homepage of the older version of Firefox when i start Firefox.

How can i set the default homepage of the latest Firefox version?

Please give me instructions.

Category: Firefox

Hi there TechyV experts,

I really need all your help on this matter. I want to block all adult content websites in my browser.

The reason to do this is to make sure that my nephew won't be able to access these kind of websites.

What steps should I do in order to do all of these?

Thank you.

Category: Firefox

I’m using a Mozilla Firefox browser and it always blocks pop-up windows. Where I can find the settings on how to allow pop-up windows in my browser?

Category: Firefox

Hi there,

I like to play the games on FaceBook, but some of them don't work with my browser IE. 

They say to use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox but the trouble is that flash keeps crashing. 

Is there another browser out there I can use?

Category: Firefox


I am having difficulties saving a new glossary entry. What could be the problem? When I click “Save” in the Question Bank spot it goes through, which means the errors in message below does not work.

Server not found Firefox can't find the server at the view .php. Check the address for typing errors such as ww.example.com instead of www.example.com" 

Any help out there?

I would really appreciate. I do not understand why I can't go back to the Glossary Entry page.

Server not found