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I need some instruction on how to set the pop up windows options active. I use Mozilla Firefox and my pop up windows system is most likely blocked. I need to make it enable and I do not know the process. Kindly someone help me with the process so that I can turn on pop up windows option.

Alden Clayton

Category: Firefox

Hello friends,

How to go about setting up Mozilla Thunderbird as email client to receive and send mails from Gmail and Yahoo?

Can i combine two account in one?

Category: Firefox


Some unwanted function of Firefox are active, and I do not want them to be active.

It remembers history and also the cookies besides there are auto fill problem where it fills up inquires automatically by remembering them.

I need to know how to make them stop.

Please someone kindly let me know of the procedure.

Brayn Edwards

Category: Firefox


I having trouble with my Mozilla Firefox browser.

It is having some startup problem. Each time I double click on it I can see it opened in the task manager however I do not see it anywhere.

I need to know how to solve this problem.

Should someone know of this problem kindly inform me please.

Alwyn White

Category: Firefox


Some of my Firefox add-ons don't work after updating it.

They don't work even after reinstalling them.

What could be the problem?

Category: Firefox

Can I login multiple Facebook accounts at a time using Mozilla Firefox? I know how to login two accounts at the same time by using Private Browsing way but I also need to know if I can login 3 or more accounts at the same time.

Category: Firefox

I use Mozilla Firefox to browse internet and I wanted to know how to take snapshots of websites by using Firefox. I know that 

we can take snapshots through Firefox and there is a shortcut for it. If you know this then please answer this.

Category: Firefox


I often used YouTube with Firefox but it always crashes. I uninstalled and re-install it but it didn't resolve the issue. I even tried reformatting my Windows 7.

However the flash still continue on crashing randomly.

Is this a problem with Firefox itself?

I need some ideas. Thanks.

Category: Firefox

Is it possible to download youtube videos without using any software. I don't want to use software as I use my pc in a

school and I don't have permission to install any software. Please help.

Category: Firefox

I use Firefox to browse internet and I wanted to use new plugins that are available but I had one question.

Would I be able to use it.Won't I be any problem using it?