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This is an old problem of mine, and now that I have found out about TechyV, I though I should probably ask you guys about it. I have been trying for a long time, but have been unsuccessful, to save webpages in JPEG format. If I save a page, it's just in html format or something like that. I think you understand what I mean by this. So I will make it short. Do you know how to save webpages as JPEG file and not html? Any help would be appreciated.

I usually use converters to maintain scanned documents and convert them to PDF documents and finally to word documents, this way makes it easy to edit and modify them again, a friend advised me to use an easy tool called some PDF to word converter 2.0, when searching for it I found it on websites but it was mentioned that the OS that can work with it starting from win XP through win 7, will there be problems if I download and use it with windows 8?

Hello expert, I am going to create a website using Joomla. I have some knowledge about Joomla. So I need to know how to create a website design project quote using Joomla? Please tell me or give me the guide to follow it. Expert I should be glad if you tell it directly. Thanks. 

Hello expert, I am using windows 8 OS on my laptop. I want to install Jetaudio 7 software. Unfortunately I can't install jetaudio in my computer. It gives an error about missing files. So I want to resolve this problem. Please help me to resolve it. Thank you. 

Hello expert, I am going to create a website using Joomla. So I want to know how to browse folders image into my site using Joomla. Actually I need the information about Joomla and how to add them into my site. Please give me the information. Thanks. 

Hello everyone, 

I am working with some HTML code. I need an image url code creator for creating HTML pages. Can anyone help me how to find code creator on the net? 


Hello !

I have a question related to HTML Code Picture Thumbnail Larger. I want to construct a link to image and I do not know how to tag and how to make the images larger. Kindly guide me for this

Hi all experts,

I recently started working Google docs online, as I have to create some excel sheets presentation and submit to the client. I am working with a team, all are working on the same excel sheet. Sometimes, its create problem as all can edit the Google doc at a time and others may not knowing what editing has been done by other. I have heard about collaborate Google docs that will remove this problem, can anyone educate me how to start collaborate Google docs feature and how to implement it.


I need some Ebooks for Sage Mathematics. I know there are lots of resources in online for free regarding this. But I really need some good and quality work. Can anyone give me suggestions regarding this?


Hi guys!

I would like to make an online phone book for me to access anywhere I am. How can make an online personal phone book for my friends, family, and acquaintances?  Does Google have a product like this?


Marsh Apdoresey