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In my computer Target Microcontroller is not responding. I don’t understand why this message is occurring over here?

Does anybody know about its solution?

Please help me regarding this issue I am frustrated

he adapter and the target microcontroller.


Target Microcontroller is not responding!!!

Please check the connection between the adapter and the target microcontroller.

Category: Hardware


I have downloaded the driver from the ASUS [company server] and open the Driver-Disk-AHCI-Win7-x64 from the sub folder of main folder, and run/double click the amd_sata windows installer.

The process gets started but it stopped when an error faced by me.

[An error screen shot is here]

AMD Catalyst Install Manager

AMD Catalyst Install Manager

An unknown error has occurred.

Please exit and restart Catalyst Install Manager.

Category: Hardware

Hi there,

There is a problem when I try to register a second Host Bus Adapter HBA with one host. Then I examine the current link status of Connectivity Link Status tab and find that the second HBA does not appear. Consequently I register the HBA with ‘Create.... ’ again.

However, an error message appears in the Create Initiator dialog and please finds the following screenshot for your reference.

Does anyone have idea the procedure of registering HBA and any method for the removal of any unregistered dead entry?

Thanks in advance.

Error: Create Initiator Record

Category: Hardware

Hi Friends,

A couple of days ago I bought a fresh computer with windows 7 64 bit. With it I got a UPS. Later then, I adjust the hardware and attempted to install the software. Unexpectedly Installation aborted and I got an error message which you can see in the below attached image.

Does anybody get this type of error before? I need assistance regarding the installation.

Problem: Repeatedly running there is an instance of setup running.

Please exit.

Category: Hardware

I was using Basic x64 and TMPGEnc Authoring Works, It was worked flawless for me until now. After I set up my options in "Output" which included having the writer settings at maximum level, when I click start, it runs for a few seconds then I will get an error message that says "Unsupported file (error code 0x80040003)".

Media source type selection

TMPGEnc MPEG Edition2.0

Unsupported file (error code 0x80040003)

Category: Hardware

I am having a problem while trying to create a DVD with TMPGENC DVD AUTHOR 4.

When I try to start creating a DVD. The output what I will get is an error bar saying that:

An error occurred while Canceling the title copy to the hard disc drive. Please refer to the details below. The device is not ready (Error code0x80070015)

What does this mean? I have never come across this problem until today.

TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 (Error code0x80070015)

TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4

Category: Hardware

Bought a new computer with Windows Vista and I am trying to install this new software but it says this error

Driver Error

Load MPEG Vio Driver Error

C:\Program Files\NOva Development\Photo Explosion Deluxe


Is it Vista compatible. Any help?

Category: Hardware

While taking the backup of files to DVD Image I receive 0I/O x8007045d error, Also I will receive it while copying files from one folder to the other.

Sometimes it just freezes other times I get a blue screen and restart. Really I need help, because it's my family photos I can't back up.

creating DVD backup

The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

Category: Hardware

I am trying to run the setup file for installing plugins I got this error:

"Can't install all files

Please check your destination directory for free space"

I am getting the same error even if I use the downloaded setup file or the zip version.

I have more than 71 GB free space on my hard disk.

I am getting the same error even if I download and install.

Please advice

cannot install files

Can’t install all files!

Please check your destination directory for free space!

Category: Hardware

How to Play Blue-ray Discs in Windows 7? I saw an error similar to this one in the breeding animal of Windows It comes up.

Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD.

Windows Media player

Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD. The disc was created in a manner that the player does not support.

I am the problem with this error message. They are there some suggestion to solve this, please help me soon...