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I keep receiving an error message below that tells me that I’ve got the wrong volume and that I should insert 2012DS1DVD1. However, when I do insert DVD1 it just proceeds to prompt me to insert 2012DS1DVD3.

How do I fix this?

avgrsx.exe wrong volume

The wrong volume is in the drive, Please insert volume 2012DS1DVD1_ENG into drive D:.

Cancel Try Again continue

Category: Hardware

Hello guys,

All about converting avi to DVD sync. Some avi format file is not supported by any other media player so I decided to convert it to DVD. Can you tell me how will I going to do it? To merge it all in only one DVD package so that there will be no hassle at all, suggestions and ideas will probably help alot.

Thank you.

Category: Hardware

Hey people,

I am looking to buy a new Android cell phone in October 2012.

I am looking for phones under Rs. 20000 with minimum 1 GHz processor and good ram.

Also I would prefer a phone which has better developed support for custom rooms etc.

At least give me 5 options.

Category: Hardware

I am having error with my TV Centre PCM loader. It was showing error whenever I try to run. I tried by reinstalling the software but nothing happens. Is it hardware problem or software problem? Why my PCM loader failed? Please help.

Category: Hardware

Whenever I inserted any removable disk on my PC, I could not open it. Windows is always telling me to format it but when trying to format, an error occurred stating that “Windows is unable to format disk”. How can I format without getting this error message? Is there any other way that I can format aside from clicking on the My Computer folder and right-click it to format?

Please send me some advices.


Category: Hardware

Hi! I have an Asus Transformer EEE Pad and I am trying to connect it to my TV via HDMI but it always say Invalid Format. It won’t work with my other TV as well. But it used to work on both TV before. I have tried several resolutions and picture settings to no luck. What can I do?

Category: Hardware

Can I clone a drive using NetWare backup to hdd. Or will simple upgrading increase the space without adding new device? 

Category: Hardware

Good day to all experts! Can you suggest for websites or links that can show me the ways using Delphi print a file to a usb? thank you!

Category: Hardware

What are hardware upgrades? What is computer hardware and hardware upgrade?

Thanks in advance.


Category: Hardware

I use a hp laptop.

I heard about the term base system device stone but do not know much about it.

Can anyone tell me how can I detect the base system device stone of my laptop?

Any sort of suggestions about it please.