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Hello experts

Just my sister has found Bon Voyage on the Computer and she setup it.

She hesitated between a few downloading troubles that were slight, but they should not have created this error.

At first she inserts disk 2 of Bon Voyage and then ending up the download, after that she changed the disk back to 1 and then selected the starting sign for this game.

When the launcher showed, she pressed play and wait for some seconds.

Then this message is shown:  'Conflict with Emulation Software detected."

Then she tried to start the game quite a number of times with the similar disk- so far the same error.

So she changed to disk 2.

Category: Hardware

Hi experts

With the help of Photostory 8, when I am trying to burn a DVD, Continually I am getting an encoding error message.  Here is this:

(date) 078: Step 4 of 6, Creating DVD image...Error: 84F

(date)468: MDA reports error 0x84000fb4 - read file from source failed

(date)656: Step 4 done

(date)656: ERROR: PrepareDVDVideoFiles() failed with errNo 5 - encoding failed

(date)781: !!! DBK error in BurnProject: 45 - movie encoding failed !!!

Category: Hardware

Recently I did a complete system restore on my Windows XP to put my PC back to its primary settings as my PC was going too slow.

It’s been working very well these past few days; however I have observed when I wanted to open World of Warcraft. Then a windows error message comes up and says that maybe I am a sufferer of software counterfeiting.

I searched in online and one answer was to type in on the begin slui.exe 3 to verify real Windows but then it shows with an error message saying that an unauthorized transform has been made when I want to open this.

In the details, "The system processor reported a system file mismatch error".

Please give me a solution.

Thanks in advance.

Category: Hardware

Hi all,

I am using the Vuze DVD burn software. I had a Vuze library in my C drive occupying a lot of space so I moved it to an external drive to free up my space. I also made some changes in the default directory and now when I am trying to burn a DVD I get an error. The screenshot of the error is attached below:

Vuze DVD burn software


vuze dvd burn Error

DVD Burn encountered an error.

Failed to create working directory 'K:\Vuze Downloads\Vuze

DVDs\2012-04-22_1'. Please make sure the drive is plugged in, and that you

Category: Hardware

Hello to all,

I am using OS windows 7 x86 service pack. Recently I bought a Buffalo external ministration 3.0 drive for some of my very useful programs. But when I tried to install this external hard drive, a driver installation error occurred on the screen.

The screenshot of the error is attached below:


Buffalo RAMDISK Utility

Driver installation error.


I uninstalled the drive and then tried to reinstall it again many times, but I was met with the same error every time.

Category: Hardware

When i turn my droid pro on it shows the Motorola emblem, says"droid" shows the red eye and starts all over again. To turn it off i have to take the battery out.

Category: Hardware

Hi friends,

I am using Asus g74sx xt1,and the model of my DVD is slim type BD. I want to burn a DVD, but my drive won't do it. I have used a lot of programs and also different types of disks to solve the problem, but the problem still persists. When I use NERO software, it gives me an error message:

Burning failed

Nero Burning ROM

Burn process failed at 4x (5,540 KB/s)

Category: Hardware

My computer got a virus. I ran program and deleted the infected items. When I restarted the computer I got a message that said- windows roots\system 32\hal.dll was missing or corrupt and I needed to reinstall. I do not have the Windows XP disk and I don't know if I need to wipe the hard drive completely before I try and reinstall Windows to make sure the virus is gone. It will not load at all. As soon as I turn on the computer I get the error message.

Any help would be appreciated.

I need to know how to wipe hard drive if necessary and how to reload Windows.

Category: Hardware

Hi guys,

Currently I got an USB stick for using it most of the time and I try to remove everything from it and empty it. But the problem is it continuously saying that the disk is already full. So is there any way to format again the USB? Could you please help?

Thank you.