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My computer got a virus. I ran program and deleted the infected items. When I restarted the computer I got a message that said- windows roots\system 32\hal.dll was missing or corrupt and I needed to reinstall. I do not have the Windows XP disk and I don't know if I need to wipe the hard drive completely before I try and reinstall Windows to make sure the virus is gone. It will not load at all. As soon as I turn on the computer I get the error message.

Any help would be appreciated.

I need to know how to wipe hard drive if necessary and how to reload Windows.

Category: Hardware

Hi guys,

Currently I got an USB stick for using it most of the time and I try to remove everything from it and empty it. But the problem is it continuously saying that the disk is already full. So is there any way to format again the USB? Could you please help?

Thank you.

Category: Hardware

Hello everyone,

I have decided to place an order for my new hard disk and it is for my laptop Dell Inspiron 5100. I think the one that use must have some problems on it and it should be changed.

I would like to buy the similar one for my laptop but I have something in my mind that knocks me right now whether cloning software can truly transfer application.

I know there is specific application software that needs a license for user and I have some doubt whether It can be able to transfer to new drive. Previously I used adobe acrobat, word perfect also some other software that I will have to install again if I do not do the cloning of them.

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HP has launched new HP Envy Sleekbook 6. Can anyone list the specifications and cost of that laptop? What all features it is providing?

Category: Hardware

I continue to get a fatal error installing this printer?

How do I correct this problem.

This is a new printer that I purchased 2 hours ago.

Category: Hardware

I have been developing a MIMO transceiver for real time by the use of FLEXRIO hardware and Lab VIEW FPGA with CLIP.

When it is combining a new FPGA via, the error message below displays on the PC screen.

If any of you guys can give me some help, I would be very grateful because I have done I lot of work on this and I will be very sad if this become a waste of time.  

Thank you for reading this because I know you will give me a solution.

Primary Software:   Lab VIEW Modules > Lab VIEW FPGA Module

Primary Software Version:   2011

Primary Software Fixed Version:    N/A

Hardware: Modular Instruments > FlexRIO > PXIe - 7965R

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What are freeform mobiles what is these mobile capable ? Are there any other vendors who provide these kind of mobile ?

Category: Hardware

Which of the following are not true about optical disks? 1) They can store picture images as well as text. 2) They are available in fully erasable form. 3) They are read from and written to by laser beams. 4) Data can be accessed from them faster than from magnetic disks.

Category: Hardware

The Arduino is here to replace Mom in reminding you to maintain your good posture. Is the Arduino really accurate in determining if the user is already stooping or not maintaining good posture?