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What are hardware upgrades? What is computer hardware and hardware upgrade?

Thanks in advance.


Category: Hardware

I use a hp laptop.

I heard about the term base system device stone but do not know much about it.

Can anyone tell me how can I detect the base system device stone of my laptop?

Any sort of suggestions about it please.

Category: Hardware

Hi Experts,

I am having nsis software on my desktop.I need to access the nsis control.I tried it on windows control panel.But could not access it.Advice me on nsis console output.Thanks.



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I am having a problem in my computer. before it gets into desktop it automatically restarts. I cannot use my computer please give me advise to solve this problem. Please give me some suggestions that I can try to solve my problem.

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Does anybody be familiar with if 6.3.3 fixed this error one spots when they release AC?

Category: Hardware

Hello experts

My mom's PC crashed, she was finding a dll file error message as well as it would not boot in windows.

As a result she has finished up getting a fresh laptop to substitute the computer she had as well as she has brought the hard disc to me to make out if we are able to recover the stuff off this.

Then we have selected a Vantec NexStar3 enclosure as well as I've installed it and the whole thing hooked up.

My PC identifies the drive however it doesn't confirm its capacity as well as when I hit on the hard drive I find this error message:

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I get the same trouble and I always followed your orders but I find this error message "Update not allowed, the phone contains modified software that cannot be updated."

I need to restore the main software.

But the phone won’t launch it only displays Sony logo as well as a triangle error monitor, after that restart till the battery is drained. I need a solution. Please help.


Category: Hardware

Hi guys, I need a software that will let me monitor my friend's mobile phone by means of Bluetooth connection. Anyone who knows how I can possibly do this, please send me some ideas. Thanks.

Category: Hardware


I need help with Virtualbox. Already the Virtualbox-dkms package is installed. But sudo modprobe vboxdrv displayed that vboxdrv is NOT set up. Then I try to re-setup. But I got the same error.

After that I uninstalled as well as re-installed Virtualbox with all helpful packages.

However same error message came.

Category: Hardware

I owned Nokia x6 and I want to read my PDF file on my mobile phone through acrobat reader. How can I read my PDF file on my Nokia x6 using acrobat reader correctly? I am trying to upload my saved file from my desktop into my mobile phone but it doesn't work.