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Category: Hardware

IMAX Home Theater is it $250,000

What does this Home Theater come with to be so expensive for Home user?

How better would this be to cost so much.

Can i have all possible info about this

Category: Hardware

How good is Samsung NX300M Camera

I heard this camera is out and how good should this Samsung device be?

What are the features and what is the OS in it?

Category: Hardware

NuForce NE-770x how good are these head phones?

I am thinking of buying this head Phone for my new nexus phone

Can you help with an alternative suggestion and reviews on NuForce NE-770x

Which is best within my 50$ budget

Also whats the technology used to make these better then others

Category: Hardware

Canon EOS 7D can we connect it to a iPAD

I have this new camera and wanted to know if i can get the iPAD connect to live steam the camera image

So i get a better clarity on what i would be shooting

Just the camera screen to be seen on my iPAD

I know what i am going to capture much clearly from the iPAD big screen view

What cables/ Softwares etc is needed

DSLR to iPAD connections

Category: Hardware

Does XBOX One have the Skydrive capability

Does the XBOX connect to Skydrive?

What is this used for?

How can we connect

What are the steps involved to connect

Category: Hardware

What are the ports available in XBOX One

I am in a fix on deciding what to buy and now concluding XBOX One and interested to know all the ports it has and the use of each port

Why and with what does each port be used for

How many ports each

Category: Hardware

What are the ports available in PS4

Can anyone explain the use of each port in detailed explanation

Category: Hardware

Which is better PS4 or XBOX One

I am having a tough time deciding which to buy. Can anyone suggest please?

Detailed info about each device side by side

Category: Hardware

How many cables does a PS4 box with?

What are all the cables that a PS4 comes with in the box

Can anyone explain whats the use of each cable

Category: Hardware

Best 5 Datacenters in the world?

Can anyone help me with a list of 5 best datacenters

With whats so fancy in them


Technology used


Can i have 5 videos as well which shows the datacenters of Facebook/Google/ any other top Datacenters you might think are best