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I just had a Panasonic kx-TEB 308  PBX system and want to know how the panasonic pbx line group works. I am wondering too if I will need something else to be able to install it in my office. I know that I need an expert to install this but I just want to know the basics too.

Category: Hardware

Hi all I have a Mac OS = 10.7 and a Desktop OS = Windows 8. Is there any way to remote from mac to Windows 8? If there any system please provide me the step-by-step procedure. Please do not ask me any question because I'm new in IT World and do not have much knowledge about Remote Desktop Connection.

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Hi all,
I am in a great problem with SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager). My boss has given me an assignment to write an essay on sccm drive defrag. But I do not even know what is this. Please someone come forward and explain in plain word what sccm is. So that I can complete my assignment.

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How to connect and configure Thin Clients to a WinXP PC for faster multimedia utility.

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Anybody here can provide me a software to which I will use in resetting the counter of Canon Prixima iX6560 printer.



Category: Hardware

I am exercising an NI PXI-5600 as the downconverter for an NI PXI-5661 vector signal analyzer that was earlier exercise as the downconverter for an NI PXI-5660 vector signal analyzer, while a self-examine in MAX shows a breakdown error code -200324. Some suggestions?

Error-200324 occurred at Self Test

The device self test has failed. The error report from the device driver is as follows:

Error-200324 occurred at Self Test

Category: Hardware

I am exercising virtual disk manager and attempting to amend a virtual hard disk.

After that I received an error while applying drive amendments.

How can solve this issue?

Error Applying Drive Changes

Error Applying  Hard Drive Changes

Category: Hardware


An error message appears (as shown in the screenshot) for the assembly when I did run my work in Solidwork simulation while simulating of transferring of heat. I don’t understand actually what shall I do now. Can you please help me?

Heat Transfer Incompatible initial temperatures

Heat Transfer

Incompatible initial temperatures

Category: Hardware

Today I restarted my computer because of some repairing issues. But it was surprising for me that after starting the computer an error message window occurred suddenly which you can see in the below attached image.

Please help me to resolve this and also let me know why this occurred?

AClmControl.exe - .NET Framework Initialization Error

HP Product Detection

AClmControl.exe - .NET Framework Initialization Error


could not be loaded

Category: Hardware

I am trying to install X11 but not able to install this because of the following error message:

New Software already exists on your computer

Problem: You cannot install X11 on this volume. New Software already exists on your computer.