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I have got a problem with my Modem, where I have to turn off and turn on every 2 hours for the internet connection. I have checked the IPCONFIG settings with and without internet but couldn’t find any difference. Will removing all third party firewall helps? Is it safe to disable windows firewall and retry? Shall I uninstall and reinstall Ethernet drivers? Shall I buy a modem and Ethernet cables and try again? Shall I do any changes in static or DHCP? If yes, what are the possible things I can do? Please help

I have a blue tooth Jabra street 2, Bluetooth headset and it comes with a nice battery backup. The only problem is that, when working on laptop, I want to connect the Bluetooth headset to both mobile and laptop. I mean I should be able to receive the calls s well as listen music from laptop. They say it can b connected up to two devices but in practical I am able to use it. Am I missing any step in the installation? Have anybody have indeed used the option successfully? If yes can you guide me too? Happy Jabra listening.

I have a monitor with speakers built in here at my work place. I always use earphones but on weekends and on holidays I always prefer hearing from speakers. So, whenever I plan to use speakers to listen to music, I feel like the volume from the speakers is low. It is so low that sometime I think the speakers have gone bad. Why does one give speakers with such a low volume? Are there any settings I can do in PC to increase the volume in speakers? It is very embarrassing to see unable to even solve a speaker issue. Thanks for helping

My questions are the following. I have a laptop and I enjoy using Bluetooth headset with it when working. Why do desktop do not come with Bluetooth. In other words, I would like to know if there is a way to make desktops, including old ones, Bluetooth compatible. WiFi is so common nowadays. Also, I might be wrong. Are there PCs with WiFi and desktops already in market? I would like to get rid of Ethernet cables, modems and make it wireless and comfortable. Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

I am facing an interesting issue with my CPU at office. Whenever I remove the plugs from the socket and try to turn on the CPU, the CPU doesn't turn on. Then I called the service team. They came after a day and when they came and pressed the power button it simply powered on! I had to think whether I was really experiencing problem or not. This problem happened recently again when I had removed the plugs to move the table. The same sequence repeated. No matter how many times I press the button CPU didn't turn on but when the service Person came, it simply turned on! That was awful experience. Has anybody faced this kind of issue? Please share the solutions to repeat the problem again

I have desktop PC at my home. It is already 9 years old. Till now I have replaced SMPS 4 times. Recently when speaking with the computer repair person, he told me to change the mother board if I have to protect SMPS. As a electronics engineer I could only wonder why would somebody doubt on mother board? Is there a valid reason? Can a faulty mother board really cause trouble to SMPS? Given the fact that SMPS has failed 4 times I thought I should trust him. Please inform me if somebody has similar experience or knowledge on the same. Also what are the other reasons for the SMPS to get damaged?

I am planning to buy a printer with following typical usage: The printer will be connected to laptop, the printer has to support color printing, it has to come for long life, the printer is expected to retain the ink for long term of idle. as I intend to use only at home, it will not be used like the ones in computer browsing centers. So, it has to be low cost, it can be slow, I can bear with that, but it has to be compact and slim. Any company printer is fine provided it is reputed one in its printer products. I would like to know are there stand alone printers available for hone usage. Printers with Wi-Fi connectivity are also on my search list. Hope I am clear with the requirements.

I have got a modem from Dlink which I am using it from quite a long time. Earlier the issue was appearing rarely but now, it has become permanent. The modem only works for 30 to 40 minutes and then it drops the link LED. The Internet LED turns red from green. Doesn't recover thereafter, no matter how long I wait. The only solution I have found is I have to turn the modem off and wait for a few minutes and turn it back again. Then the modem will work smoothly but only for another twenty or thirty minutes. Sometimes just a restart will do the job. I don't even need to wait for few minutes. Do anybody know what is happening? Is this due to self heating?

Have anybody tried concept of booting a windows OS from portable hard disk? I have used VMware for using windows XP inside windows XP for some reason. I was wondering because I have very good software which runs only on windows XP. But currently my laptop has windows 8 OS and I cannot format my laptop. Can anybody share the details on how one can install OS into a hard disk and boot from that hard disk when hard disk is connected. My strong feeling is that it can be done but may be with some limitations. It is okay if audio and video drivers won’t work. Hard disk will be kept dedicated to alternate OS. Expecting quick support.

I would like to ask on how to resolve this issue. I am having difficulties in using my phone. I tried to find some answers in the internet but I don’t understand their instructions can you provide me on how to resolve the issue in my screen? Sometimes the touch screen will work, sometimes I have to press and tap the screen multiple times just to make it work. Can you provide me options on how to resolve this issue? Can you provide me also alternative ways to resolve this?

Thank you!