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I have a Toshiba X875-Q7190 laptop. It has a GPU built into the CPU and a discreet GPU. With some fies, particularly PDFs, it takes a tremendous amount of time to render successive pages. My thought is that it’s utilizing the CPU-based GPU. How can I get the laptop to always use the discreet video card?

Nowadays, we are seeing the advent of new chips which claim to have additional hardware to help in cryptography to prevent the loss of data and other things at the hands of hackers. I recently read about Intel's Ivy Bridge which has added a few instructions like RDRAND to generate pseudorandom numbers, and a lot of microprocessors have been adding security features like this, but my question is what kind of "additional" hardware are they adding to aid in cryptography and such?

I read about Google's Project Tango which says Google is developing a tablet/smartphone focused on developers interested in 3D sensing and similar applications. Are there currently any other tablets which can be used for that purpose? Because apart from the memory and processor , a lot of tablets have similar specs so I wanted to try my hands on 3D sensing using existing hardware on the market. Any suggestions (tablets) ?

I assembled a new PC with the Motherboard being of Gigabyte. The CPU has 3.5mm headphone jack in its front as well as at its back. I usually watch movies in my PC and if I plug the headphones at rear side the wire is short to reach my ears. So when I plug it in the front 3.5mm port there is no sound coming from it. It even doesn't recognise the dvice. I have checked the cables. All are attached fine. Front USB ports are working but headphone port is not. Please help.

My new Sony Vaio laptop is facing a Wi-Fi issue. I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro x64 and it keeps on disconnecting. The odd part is that, sometimes, it was working fine the whole day. Next day, it will act strange again. It even restart itself automatically. If you have a solution, then tell me, I'll be very thankful.

Recently, I've got my new DSLR camera. And I am kind of new to this thing. When I used it on a family reunion, I noticed that I can only focus on a certain subject. I have a large number of family members and I want to know if its possible to adjust the settings so I can focus on the whole image?

My PC is heating too much and some suggested me to apply cooling paste on the processor to resolve this issue, so I bought a cooling paste, but I didn’t know how to apply the paste on the processor correctly. Please help me in this little task I shall be very thankful to you.


I have a new Acer aspire1414 laptop. It gave me a ‘Read Error’ and aborted Test when I attempted an HD Tune test. I tried rebooting and defragmenting. But I still get this error. It doesn’t get a crash and it can play games at a good speed. Additionally, the BIOS of this system have been maintained at the default optimal level. The HD Tune error check that I ran also appears to be fine. But when I try to run HD Tune Benchmark, I get this ‘Read Error’. Is this indicative of my hard disk health? Is there anything that I should be concerned of? Somebody please help me. Thanks a lot for your valuable help. Regards

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I have an Asus Transformer Tablet which has this HDMI port which loses connection every time I move the tablet around, it seems firmly fitting but when the cable moves a bit, the connection is lost, what could be the problem? How can I fix this?

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I have a Seagate GoFlex 2TB external  Hard drive which was working well with my Dell Inspiron Desktop, the external drive Icon started disappearing from windows explorer and I decided to format it, I have Easeus partition master and when I completed formatting, I partitioned the drive but windows explorer can no longer find the drive, What could be the problem? How do I get this external drive working?