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I have CRT Samsung Sync Master Monitor. I am using it from past 2 years. It used to work fine but now the display goes off automatically and sometimes the colors are distorted and when I give a hard slap to my monitor it starts working fine. What is the issue? How to resolve it?

My CRT Monitor stopped working due to Sudden High Voltage Supply. I went to the Electrician to repair it but he said it is of no use. Now I was thinking of using my Laptop's Screen as output screen for my CPU. Can this scenario be possible. If yes then please help because I would be saved from spending extra money.

I was working on my HP Pavilion n011TU Laptop and suddenly it started sowing a Vertical Line on the screen. The line's position is a little bit right from the Center. The Line is changing colors itself. I am curious to know what could be the possible reason behind it and how this can be resolved?

My CRT Monitor was working fine earlier but now I change the Direction of my Speakers to get better Sound Quality in my Room but after doing so the Colors of my Monitors's Screen are distorted. They are disturbed from corners. What to do now. Please Help what to do now.

What are the steps to follow when one wish to blow his or her projector? I bought this slightly used projector last year and it seems it has never been serviced for a long time. There is so much dust in it that it has affected a change in the projecting display of this machine. I wish to service it myself. I wish someone will help me technically in doing this. Thank you.

Hi There, I need your assistance on setting up my dual display monitor. I want an extended display not an identical one. I have two cables 1 VGA and 1 DVI. My video card is AMD. I am very sure that my CPU capable of having a dual display there might me some configurations that I need to do. Please help.

Do you have the same experience on your HP touch screen? I have an HP 2310t Multi-touch LCD Monitor. After several weeks of use it suddenly becomes unresponsive. Try to power on off but still cannot receive inputs signals. Please help this should be an input device also not just a display Screen.

Hello there! I acquired a new HD monitor for my HP Desktop. The ordeal is that when I start working on it I saw that the image does not culminate the entire display there is a black border, around the outside of the desktop. How will I be able to correct this? Tried on it the other CPU and got the same result.

What will I do to remove the horizontal lines on my LCD Monitor?
I noticed these horizontal lines recently on the top and the bottom of the screen although it's working properly aside from that lines but sometimes it bothers because these lines are becoming noticeable. I might end replacing it soon.

Hi everybody,

I am using Moto G mobile and it is really amazing.

It is all working fine, but I am facing one problem. I am using an application called Spotify to listen to music. But, I am getting an error in that application and it shows a message that it will be closed. Once I click OK, it is closing the application and then the phone is being switched off but never starting again. Whenever I open that application it is giving the same problem. I have installed all updates, but still the same problem.

Any idea why I am facing this issue? Please help me out to get this fixed. Thanks a lot in advance.