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Most of the times when starting a video game for the first time, I am asked for a gamma adjustment. I do this in a very approximate manner as I am not sure of what it is and its implication for the game overall. I would like to know what does the gamma setting stand for and why is it important for the game?

I was playing computer games when suddenly some three streaks appeared on my screen after exiting the game. Could the game be the cause of this? How can I make the lines disapers and how can I correct the screen back to normalcy. I have a Compaq PQ laptop. Can I restore my machine to an ealier time?

I just got myself a Sony Bravia Tv. I am very satisfied with it. I am facing a problem though when I am connecting an external hard drive to it for media streaming. The hard drive is not being detected. I have tried to connect other media devices such as a USB pendrive and a camera to no avail. How can I fix this issue? Should I return the T.V?

Hi! I need two windows to be active on two monitors. For example, I play game in my laptop and in the monitor that connected there is a movie going on, so when I try to pause the movie with a mouse the window with game stops being active. So is there any way to prevent it?

Hi! i bought recently Xbox One and now I need to connect it to my monitor philips 227el. At first I was using HDMI - DVI but it didn't have sound, then I bought HDMI - VGA and separate output for sound, but now monitor shows message that there is no video signal. After many many attempts it finally showed picture for 10 seconds and then again no signal. Please advise.

Dear all,

I am considering to buy a new TV. Can anyone enlighten me on the difference between LED and OLED? Also, I want to know the difference the new curved screens and the flat screens. Do curved screens really influence the quality of images and provide more detailed resolution? Can a curved screen increase functionality?

Dear all, 

Being a complete novice in new technologies, i would like to know your opinion in the matter of displays and Tvs. I have the intention in investing in a new tv and i would like to know the main difference between hd displays and 4K resolution displays. Also, i heard that the new Mac will be released with a 5K retina display. Does the resolution of a TV have any incidence on the the power requirements. I also have a ps3 and i intend to use it with my new tv. I heard that 4k displays are not compatible with the ps3 output. Can anyone please elaborate. 

I am a trader and the use of multiple screens is a requirement for my work. Is it possible to help me find a way to share the screen of my laptop on multiple displays. I have a secondary asus monitor which is idle but only has a vga port. Is it possible for me to connect it to my laptop via HDMI. I have a sony VAIO VPCEA1S1E. 

why is my Acer FT270HQL torch screen monitor not working? I recently purchase this Acer 22 inches torch screen monitor for use with my Window 8.1 operating system. The torch screen works in the first day but after that, it stop responding to torch. What prevent the torch screen from responding to torch? How can I fix this problem?

Why are the two monitors I set on my system not working? I need to use two monitor with my Laptop. I am running some analysis that require a large screen and I don’t want to spend on another monitor with large screen, thereby leaving me with no option than to use two monitor. I have set up the two monitors, but the other monitor is not working; only the main monitor is working.