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What is LED technology, and what are HD and Full HD. Can we use the web browser on Smart LED TV? What is pixels quality and how can we find pixels quality? How many ports are available in LED TV? Which is the best quality in LED technology? How can we check?

What is WiGig?  Will WiGig be available to smartphones and tablets? Will users be able to stream Netflix directly from a smart phone or tablet to a wireless TV? Will Display makers build WiGig technologies into monitors and TVs in the coming years? What are the must know things about WiGig?

What is wireless display? Will one laptop be able to stream to monitors on multiple desks? Will Wireless display gain momentum with the growing adoption of WiGig? Suppose laptop ultimately will be able to connect to multiple wireless monitors. Now, what will be the advantage of connecting laptop with multiple wireless monitors?

What do DCC stands for? What is a plug and play monitor? How to find whether a monitor supports DCC or not? How to disable DCC in a monitor? How to configure the plug and play monitor? What are the benefits of plug and play monitor over conventional monitors? How to create custom resolution other than the one which is available by default from the OC and the graphics driver? Are there any utilities to perform the customization of required resolution?

The screen of my old CRT monitor goes black all the time since the time I changed the resolution to higher one. I can see the initial Boot messages, and also the logo of windows in the beginning, but as soon as it logs in, the screen goes black and never recovers. Why not the processor does detect this? The only way is to hard shut down by holding the power button or to remove the supply of CPU. How to restore the old settings back? I do not have any other PCs other this old desktop. How to operate with blank screen?

I normally always keep my PC in hibernate mode and only rarely I do restart. This time I had updated a few drivers including COM port drivers, Webcam and other graphical drivers. It prompted for a restart but I cancelled it. Finally, I shut down it properly. But this morning, when I turned on the PC I could only see basic colors and very bad resolution, looks like basic graphics. All the images are of lower resolution. Worst thing is I am not getting how to change the resolution too. I have a 21 inch wide, ACER monitor. What might be the problem? Shall I attempt system Restore?

I have a technical fest in our college for which I am planning to have a huge display rather than a simple passive banner. All the monitors will be independently connected to individual desktop computers. I want to use those to display events, statistics and live results and some videos while particular events are running. But I have no idea what software to use to display multiple windows as one. Can you guys please help me in finding the software for the same? Should they be connected via Ethernet? How to connect all the computers? How can they be synchronized because all have to be played without delay to make symphony? Thank you and great thanks again

I was cleaning the motherboard recently and when I out it back, all I can. See was nothing. But the computer is turning on successfully. The keyboard and mouse LEDs are turning on successfully. So I forced shutdown by holding power button until computer turned off and then just rechecked all connections once. I found nothing but after I turned the PC again, monitor came up but showed some random colors. I opened the video card again and placed it. It is okay now. But I am worrying will the problem persist again. I will not be here all the time and some other people use this PC and who cannot actually handle these things. Any reliable permanent solution?

What are the distinct features of Duet Display and how best it be used on Computers effectively? What are the setbacks and demerits surrounding the connection of the Duet Display on Windows 7 or 8 computer as compared to the connection of the same Duet Display software and the MacBook? Thank you.


I would like to ask if there’s any way that I can resolve this problem with my monitors. My niece is quite hyperactive. I wasn’t able to see that my monitors are being harassed. However, as I look in to the screen, some left deep marks. The ink is still there and I don’t want use any liquid to remove it, might cause more problem. Can you provide me ways to resolve this? How can I remove the deep markings in the monitor? Can you give me more alternative ways to resolve it?

Thank you!