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I have an iMac 27” which was on Mavericks and then I installed Mountain Lion OS. Now the iMac gives a black screen yet the screen is powered. Whenever I click on sleep or if the PC goes on sleep mode by itself, it just fails to power up again. When I forcefully press the power button it then sounds like it is working well, but the screen is not showing anything. What could be the problem? Graphics card or Display?


I really don't know what's wrong with my PC. The frame rate of my PC decreases at once or it crashes sometimes with a buzzing sound from the sound system. Due to this, I'm unable to listen to music while working. FPS crashes also when I play simple games like Mario. What may be the cause of this problem? How can I fix this?

So, I really feel pity on the BIOS screen. The words on the BIOS screen seem like the writings from the late 19s. I'm looking forward to changing the screen resolution at the BIOS screen? Is there a way to do so? If yes, how and if no, why? Any suggestions will help.

I just an xbox 360 and I have only a DVI screen. I managed to get a DVI to HDMI converter socket. I connected my console to the screen and it worked fine. Then I proceeded to test a game and found out that there was no output of sound.

I just got a 3D Samsung TV with the glasses. So far, I am fully satisfied with it and it is great image quality to have. I have heard that 3D TV are no longer considered innovative and will be discontinued. Is that true? So will the support such as 3D blueray disk be unavailable as well?

Yesterday I accidently dropped my new Samsung S5 and inadvertently stepped on it. Luckily, I noticed only small scratches on the mobile phone. I heard that Gorilla Glass was solid but that exceeded my expectations. Can anyone tell me how much can gorilla glass stand? Also I heard that this is the third version. How does the current compare to the others?

The truth is that I have a laptop and a PS4 but I don't have a HDTV. My laptop has a HDMI port and I want to connect my PS4 to my laptop so that I can get the display on my laptop's screen. Can I do the same with PS3? How can I do so?