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Hi everybody,

I am using Moto G mobile and it is really amazing.

It is all working fine, but I am facing one problem. I am using an application called Spotify to listen to music. But, I am getting an error in that application and it shows a message that it will be closed. Once I click OK, it is closing the application and then the phone is being switched off but never starting again. Whenever I open that application it is giving the same problem. I have installed all updates, but still the same problem.

Any idea why I am facing this issue? Please help me out to get this fixed. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi everybody,

2 months back I purchased a new Samsung SyncMaster 720N 17-inch LCD Monitor. It was working pretty good.

But 1 week onwards the monitor screen being adjusted automatically without changing any settings. I am using the NVIDIA GeForce 7300 model video card. I tried connecting another monitor, but there also same problem.

Where is the problem here? Can somebody figure out this issue and help me out. Thanks a lot in advance, guys!

Hi everybody,

Today I purchased a new Samsung 5300 Series PN51F5300 51"1080p HD Plasma Television. I fixed it and switched on the same.It worked well without any issues at the beginning.

After about 1 hour, row of picture elements is roaming among the screen. Sometimes they are coming in the form of rows or columns. I can't watch the picture at all. I Checked all the connections and plugs, but everything is perfect.

Don't know why it is not working properly? Anyone experienced this kind of problem ever? Please give me solution to fix this issue. Thanks a lot in advance and regards.

Hi all,

Recently I bought a new Philips 22PFL4507 22" LED TV. It has lots of great new features.

But still it is having issues. When I am watching some movies, serials, programs or sports, some gray color dots are coming on the whole screen of TV. I checked all the plugs and connections. Everything seemed to be fine. Unable to find out where the problem is.

Has anyone faced this kind of issue before? Please help me to fix this problem. Your valuable suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance and kind regards.

Hi all,

I have recently bought an HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook 15-b150us 15.6" Multi-Touch Notebook Computer and it was working fine.

But from last week I am facing issues with the right part of the touch screen. When I touch the screen on the right side of the touch screen it is showing like I am touching more than one place. It could not recognize where exactly I have touched the screen.

Is there any way I can fix this issue? Please someone help me out here. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi all,

I have bought new HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC recently with Windows 7 pre-installed in it. I have upgraded to Windows 8.1 and it is working perfect.

But, I am having one issue. Initially I have set it to maximum brightness and now after upgrade to Windows 8.1 I couldn’t reduce the brightness. I tried several ways, but it is of no use.

What could be the problem here? Can somebody help me here to resolve this issue? Thanks a lot in advance, guys!

Hi All,

I am using Toshiba - Satellite 15.6" Laptop with Windows 7 pre-installed in it.

It was working ok, but all of sudden the display gone and it is always showing a black screen. Whenever I start the system, I am able to hear the CPU voice and it is running but the display is not coming. It looks like the GPU is gone. I can install new GPU or graphics drivers, but without display I can not do it.

What is the issue here? How can I make this work? Any idea how can I overcome this issue? Please someone help me out here. Thanks so much in advance.

Hello everybody,

Recently I bought a new Toshiba Satellite L745-S4235 Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). Everything looks fine with this laptop.

But the only issue is when I am browsing something I am getting some gray color spots on the monitor. I checked everything like antivirus, Drivers, GPU and monitor connections. Everything looks good. The CPU also not getting heated and it works normally.

Could not understand what is the problem here? Anybody encountered the same issue before? Please someone help me to figure out some solution regarding this? Thanks and best regards.

Hi everyone,

I am having Lenovo Thinkpad T430 with Windows 8 installed recently.

After starting the computer, it will work for some time and suddenly it will show black screen and only point will be shown on the screen. I thought it was processing something, but even waiting for hours no use. I have restarted my laptop by Using a hard boot. Then it worked fine for some time. Again, same problem will come.

Anybody faced the same issue? Please let me know if anybody has suggestions. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi ,

I am a college student, studying Engineering. 1 month ago I bought a new HP Pavilion g6-2249wm Fusion 750GB with pre-installed Windows 8. Beginning it worked properly.

But 3 days onwards when I turn on laptop immediately the mouse is kept on flashing continuously and spinning around looking like loading something. I tried to open web browser or MS Word, but it is not allowing me to do anything but just keep on flashing. I need to push the power button to turn it off.

Within a month I am having exams so I need to revise the whole syllabus. Can somebody please give me solution to fix this issue. Thanks!