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I have a technical fest in our college for which I am planning to have a huge display rather than a simple passive banner. All the monitors will be independently connected to individual desktop computers. I want to use those to display events, statistics and live results and some videos while particular events are running. But I have no idea what software to use to display multiple windows as one. Can you guys please help me in finding the software for the same? Should they be connected via Ethernet? How to connect all the computers? How can they be synchronized because all have to be played without delay to make symphony? Thank you and great thanks again

I was cleaning the motherboard recently and when I out it back, all I can. See was nothing. But the computer is turning on successfully. The keyboard and mouse LEDs are turning on successfully. So I forced shutdown by holding power button until computer turned off and then just rechecked all connections once. I found nothing but after I turned the PC again, monitor came up but showed some random colors. I opened the video card again and placed it. It is okay now. But I am worrying will the problem persist again. I will not be here all the time and some other people use this PC and who cannot actually handle these things. Any reliable permanent solution?

What are the distinct features of Duet Display and how best it be used on Computers effectively? What are the setbacks and demerits surrounding the connection of the Duet Display on Windows 7 or 8 computer as compared to the connection of the same Duet Display software and the MacBook? Thank you.


I would like to ask if there’s any way that I can resolve this problem with my monitors. My niece is quite hyperactive. I wasn’t able to see that my monitors are being harassed. However, as I look in to the screen, some left deep marks. The ink is still there and I don’t want use any liquid to remove it, might cause more problem. Can you provide me ways to resolve this? How can I remove the deep markings in the monitor? Can you give me more alternative ways to resolve it?

Thank you!


I just bought this laptop 1 week ago. I was able to use it for few days with no issues. Recently I noticed that the screen keeps on losing its bright color. I never changed anything in the settings of my laptop. I didn’t install any software or hardware with this laptop. Can you show me how to resolve this issue? Can you tell me possible cause of this problem? Please remember I never touched anything of its settings. Is there any alternative way to resolve this problem and to prevent it from happening again?


I have this laptop and it’s been working fine since I have it. I installed an upgrade on my video card software and then it constantly flickers. I can’t restore it the old factory settings since I misplaced the installation disc for it. Is there any way that you can help me resolve this issue? What are the possible cause of this problem? I don’t want to reformat this laptop because I have lots of documents inside it. Can you give me more options to resolve this problem? Thank you very much and have a nice day!


I am just new here. I would like to ask few things about this laptop. I just received it as a gift. Recently I noticed that the monitor keeps on flickering. Sometimes the monitor will turn black and I just need to restart the laptop to get again a picture in the screen. This is quite annoying. Is there any way that you can help me resolve this problem? Can you provide me alternatives ways on how to resolve this issue? What could be causing this issue? I am just using simple MS Word for my job that’s all.

Please provide me the different specifications in complete details? The hardware included, please  tell me what are the materials used, what are the plugins or extra software included in it? What is the available browser pre-installed in this laptop? Is there any photo editing tool included aside from MS Paint? Please give me more instructions on image view because I have limited knowledge of it and need more detailed instructions. What is the specification of the monitor and the dimension of the laptop?


I am having issues with this laptop. I just bought it and I don’t really know what really happened with it. I was able to use it and it is working properly yesterday. When I turned it on today, it shows big icons and fonts in the desktop. What could be the possible reason for this? Can you show me how to fix this problem? Can you provide me alternative way to resolve this issue? Do I need to upgrade any device or hardware in this laptop to make it sure that this will not happen again?

I have installed Steam on my PC and I'm facing problem. I have a CRT monitor. When I run Steam in big picture mode, I don't get proper frame rates, only around 18 FPS. Why is this happening? I have a Geforce GTX 750 ti and I don't think that I deserve that lag and frame cracks.