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I had many games open at once in my computer . The next time I reopened it and monitor screen was shown white and colored lines through it. Should I format computer? What should I do?

I am using Intel core 2 duo processor,64 bits,1gb ram,500 gb hard disk space.

Thank You

Hello, I have installed Dvd rom on my computer after that restart pc and display blue screen. I can’t access my pc as safe mode .I tried to format pc using USB but It is not worked, black screen is shown with underscore. I tried using CHKDSK /R on safe mode but it is just asked me to Yes or No to start one after restarting. Please help, How to recover? Thank You

Sometimes I get a black screen with the gray power sign when I boot up. Usually if I restart, it goes away but I get it once a week or so. Is this anything I need to be concerned about, and if so, what can I do (if anything) to fix it? Thank you.

I was explaining to a colleague about my monitor at home flickering and they mentioned a few troubleshooting tips, one of which was "lowering the refresh rate". I already tried some other things and they thought this might help. I need some help understanding how to do this, can anyone offer me some advice? Thank you.

Hello, I use two monitors for work, and recently, I replaced the video card and now, one of my monitors is not functioning properly. One monitor is fine, the other is not displaying correctly. Is my only option to go back to the old video card, or is there something else I can do? Do I need to replace the monitor? Thank you.

The text on my monitor sometimes looks fuzzy. I've read to adjust ClearType, but that doesn't seem to fix the problem much. Is it possible it is just time for a new monitor? Are there other suggestions or tips to help?  Thanks.

On occasion, my monitor will show lines (interference) when I am using it. I have tried checking for sources of the interference, but can't seem to find any. I did have new neighbors move into the apartment next door, but being I don't know them very well, I don't exactly want to ask if they have something that could be causing this. Anything I can try or am I stuck?  Thank you for your help.

My monitor is not displaying the same resolution that it used to show.  I'm not sure how to get it back to the correct resolution.  Is it possible to replace my video card or maybe the entire monitor itself?  I've had this monitor for about 3 years and never had issues before. Thanks for your help.

Hello! I just replaced my video card and now my monitor is acting up.  I have tried removing and replacing the video card, but I am still experiencing the same issue.  Is it possible I have a bad video card?  Is there anything I can try to troubleshoot?  Thank you.

I purchased a graphic card and installed in my pc. My processor is Intel Core To Duo with 2gb ram and operating system is winxp. It was working fine but after few month display of the monitor it’s just black out. After that I reinstalled the card but no unique result provide. Hence after facing this problem I decided to check the card through different monitor and it was working fine there was no problem. Without install the card my monitor work fine. Please tell me some one what is wrong with that?