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Hi, I have just bought a Samsung U32D970Q - 32" 970 Series UHD Professional LED Monitor. Unfortunately I can't install it's driver in windows 7 Gamer edition. Every time I try to install it, it says- please insert disk correctly. Can anyone here please tell me what's going on with my printer driver?

Please help!

I have this issue on my desktop computer. HP Pavilion slim type with windows7 OS. At first it was really working well. But now recently the problem is that the monitor says "VGA no signal". But I can hear the sound of the desktop of win7, so I assume it really starts up, but the monitor is a really black display. The color of the power light of the monitor is orange, if it is working the color is blue. This issue happens about 90% of the time. Sometimes it really does turn on like 10% chance when I turn the computer.

What components are needed to build a dual monitor computer? Do I have to choose the various components from one particular manufacturer or I may have to choose from a wide range suppliers and just give it a try and see what happens? Which cables are required to undertake this project? Which brand of CPU and monitors are suitable to procure? Which video cards would you recommend as being an excellent candidate to provide exquisite experience for the user?

Please take me through the process of setting up a dual monitor computer system. Could you give me a step-by-step guide on how to assemble a computer with dual screen? What things do I need to pay particular attention to in order to ensure that everything turns out just right? How do you run a test drive to ascertain whether the system is working or not? What sign should I look out for as indicative of a successful set up?

I have CRT Samsung Sync Master Monitor. I am using it from past 2 years. It used to work fine but now the display goes off automatically and sometimes the colors are distorted and when I give a hard slap to my monitor it starts working fine. What is the issue? How to resolve it?

My CRT Monitor stopped working due to Sudden High Voltage Supply. I went to the Electrician to repair it but he said it is of no use. Now I was thinking of using my Laptop's Screen as output screen for my CPU. Can this scenario be possible. If yes then please help because I would be saved from spending extra money.

I was working on my HP Pavilion n011TU Laptop and suddenly it started sowing a Vertical Line on the screen. The line's position is a little bit right from the Center. The Line is changing colors itself. I am curious to know what could be the possible reason behind it and how this can be resolved?

My CRT Monitor was working fine earlier but now I change the Direction of my Speakers to get better Sound Quality in my Room but after doing so the Colors of my Monitors's Screen are distorted. They are disturbed from corners. What to do now. Please Help what to do now.

What are the steps to follow when one wish to blow his or her projector? I bought this slightly used projector last year and it seems it has never been serviced for a long time. There is so much dust in it that it has affected a change in the projecting display of this machine. I wish to service it myself. I wish someone will help me technically in doing this. Thank you.

Hi There, I need your assistance on setting up my dual display monitor. I want an extended display not an identical one. I have two cables 1 VGA and 1 DVI. My video card is AMD. I am very sure that my CPU capable of having a dual display there might me some configurations that I need to do. Please help.