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Hello experts,

I am planning to buy BlackBerry 9300 but I am not sure if I can browse through it if I configure the APN for free or will I be charge if I use the Internet services on BB 9300. I am asking since the store where I am planning to purchase BB did not explain to me some technical specifications of this device. Can someone please explain to me?

Hello experts,

I have a BlackBerry 8830 and I am encountering issues on it. When it is not connected with the power cord, the display will becomes black. When I connect it, I can only move the trackball and go to processes like, the installation, information, schedule but nothing appears or nothing happens when I just select the trackball and the keyboard. But beside that, I cannot access anything more. And after few seconds, the display becomes black again even if it's connected with the power cord and just repeat the same process again and again. How can I access my phone's system? I can update it but I do not want to lose some information stored on it.

Hi expert,

I am beck. I am in problem. So, I need your help.  I am facing a problem with installing the bar file on blackberry 10 simulator. How can I do it? Please, tell me in detail and of course step by step as I can do it easily.

Thanks in advance


I have recently purchased BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900.

Is there any voice call messenger for blackberry 9900 model?

Where can I download that?

Please share the link

Hi.  Can someone help me in installing mahjong dimensions for blackberry curve?  It displays not enough memory error.  I checked my phone and it still says 100mb memory still free.  The file size of the game is only 31.33mb.  What gives?

Hi !

Who knows good websites to download wallpaper and animated pictures for blackberry ?

I would appreciate you provide me with free websites only, if possible.

Thank you all.

Hi to everyone,

Why were my widget Blackberry is slow? I just received a gift from a friend, a Blackberry Bold 9900 series. I am having a problem with its widget for it becomes slower and slower when moved. Would you mind to give me some idea to resolve this matter?

 Your suggestion is very much welcome.


How to scan blackberry for repairs on pc? I would like to use my repair tool in my computer to scan my blackberry mobile phone. I am using windows xp operating system and hoping that it will also work scanning a mobile phone. I have to consult you first before making some move.

Waiting for your support, thank you.

Hello experts,

How to perform blackberry record a phone call? Where can I find the setup or the feature that will allow the user to record a phone call in my blackberry mobile phone? I just want to know. Give me some ways or instruction to get it done.

Thank you.

Hello Experts,

I got some problem about buffering blackberry. When I am going to use my 3g blackberry internet in my mobile phone there is a buffering problem which it keeps on buffering and never continue to load for example, youtube.com and other websites that I wish to open. What is the main cause of this problem please help me resolve the issue.

Thank you.