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I am using VFP 9.0 service pack 2 and trying to call a web service. The website that is hosting the service I require is only available via HTTPS. While using this service with ASP.NET, i get no issues but when I use VFP to access, i get an error as, "Error: 1429 - OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Connector: Connector:Bad certificate." Is that an issue with web services and VFP that require SSL?

Category: FoxPro

Hello TechyV!

I am looking for Visual FoxPro header color change sample codes. Can anyone please help me? I am using Visual FoxPro version 8 and I am trying to change the color of my grid header but it’s not working. Can anyone please tell me what is wrong? If you have tried this before, then please guide me. If you have a working code, please share and let me know how to use it on my program. Any help from you will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Alicia Gracee

Category: FoxPro

Hi experts,

I am using Visual Fox pro data my work. I want to convert Visual Fox pro into BDE. I am looking for converter software or any tool to do this. If you know vfp and bde and also its conversion, then please help me out.

Thank you

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Hi everyone,

I am working with some types of database related job. Specially it is FoxPro database. I need ribbon FoxPro for my job. Can anyone which one is best and how I can download it?

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I recently installed Visual FoxPro 9 and attempt to create a table and then a form with the FoxPro Form designer. However, I am facing issues on finding the source code that identifies the form. It supposed to have a group of constructors for the entire controls, forms and classes. And also, if I add the methods, it supposed to have some functions in my file. The designer should have some CODE tabs but clicking on them, an empty white window will appear and no more.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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I faced a problem with my FoxPro database trace when I tried to open an ODBC connection as it keeps returning an error. Error says, Server Error which occurred while retrieving the list of Databases from & the server returned a non-specific error.

Category: FoxPro

I've downloaded and installed MikroTik's The Dude network monitor management application. I am stuck at configuring for web access, though. When I surf the web it doesn't log and activity!

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I want to play 3D FPS games like duke nukem 4 and team fortress 2 on my Asus G74SX. Does anyone else have this notebook and plays 3D games on high quality? Also how does it do in multiplayer? 

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Hi Experts,

While importing legacy WinCASA data I received an error message. It says, “Foxpro driver does not support this function”. I tried several ways to get a remedy of this issue but no result. I also visited several sites but no solution. If you have any idea to solve the problem, please help me to get a remedy of this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Category: FoxPro

II have developed programs and it runs fine for me, but when I tried it to run on my client's PC it gives me this error, I've copied the files that is needed to the client PC, any idea what I'm missing?

Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Visual FoxPro cannot start. Could not load resources.