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When I run my LabVIEW program by using a DAQmx Read VI I will get an error stating that:

Error -200284 occurred at DAQmx Read (Polymorphic).vi:1

Error -200284 occurred at DAQmx Read (Counter ID U32 1Chan NSamp).vi:1

I need a text editor that has MXML Syntax and uses code snippets.  What is a reliable Actionscript text editor that can load fonts, links from my system?  I'm using Windows XP 64 bit sp2 and ActionScript 3.0.  Suggestions would highly be appreciated.  Thank you.

Hi All,

There are many coupon service provider in Australia but I don't know how to select a good provider.

Can you share me name of that provider?



I need to open and run the sap in vbs through the excel application. I tried to serf internet and find details, but it doesn’t work. It is better I can get a detailed tutorial to do this thing.

Thank you


I got to do a presentation on Jabber and I need some details about the Jabber text editor. 

I also need to know how to use it.

I need to know these details as soon as possible.


I have a query regarding word 2010 trial for blackberry curve because I’m using it. This phone came with word 2010 trail and says to accept their terms and agreement. I want to know, do I have to purchase it as well or does it come with the phone? I don’t have a data plan also, would this matter?

I was playing Sniper Elite v2 and after playing some missions I saved the game and saw the game saved sign.

I would like to share my saved games with a buddy but now I can’t find the save games.

Can anyone tell me where the saved files of this game are located?
I am using Windows 7.


Currently in my office we use Postgre SQL 9.2 for our databases. So we got an donation from our software solution supplier ems postgresql manager 2005. I found out some details about this from internet but still do not know What the advantages of using this software are. Like to hear some.

Thank you


I need to create a small ERP system for my university assignment. I heard that the dashboard is very important for the system. So what is the best dashboard formats for ERP software creation. Is there any place that I can found some ERP dashboard templates?

Thank you


I want to have few mac gel button in my websites. What is the basic step or process to create mac gel button off our own or customize these? Which is the best simple software we can use for this?

Thank you.