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How fully equipped are the International Space Stations? What are the standard criteria for a space station to meet an international standard? Which of the renowned International Space Stations are best fully equipped in the world of technology today? Which of the gadgets used by the space stations can be said to be the most expensive in terms of cost production and price?

What would make China suspend the policies and regulatory rules purposed to drive out technological companies which originate outside the country China of the banking sector in the country? Do you think the vigorous rise of outlandish Technological Companies in the country be the reason China foresees and thought of when she decided to drive out these companies?

Do you also agree with India who believes that technology holds the golden key to the sustenance of the planet earth? What are the bases of your stands? Is it possible for technological global sustainability issues be championed and rest solely on corporate bodies? How possible can the corporate bodies go to make the earth sustainability just a fantasy?

I want to buy a new LED TV with all the latest technologies inside it. The problem is that, I don't know those latest technologies. I have heard that there is something called HD Ready and Full HD. I have searched for the difference on internet and the difference is in their pixels but when I went to the shop, both HD Ready and Full HD appeared same. Also, there is a feature where I can share my mobile screen on LED TV. I don't know its name. I am really serious about buying a new LED TV. Can anyone please answer the above mentioned questions in a non-technical language?

I am using Lenovo Laptop, accidently my 5 year old girl has blocked internal card reader of my laptop with some solid plastic thing that is hard to extract out. Is there any way by which I can just remove it, without causing any hardware harm to the laptop? I don't want to open the Laptop by myself as I am afraid that it would start malfunctioning. Please help me with the issue.

I have been Given a project as my Research Work, and was curious to know the maximum possible number of simultaneous USB connected devices at the given time. Could it affect the quality of transfer and data transfer rate at given instant? Will it make my Laptop hang up frequently ?

 It was my birthday last week and my friend clicked some pics with his 13MP camera. I asked him to send those pics via whatsapp. When I opened the pics he sent me on whatsapp, I was shocked. The image quality has been highly degraded. Do you know, why this mess has happened? Also tell me the solution of this problem.

I am no Technocrat but I want to have knowledge of latest Technologies. I have heard that most of the Computer Notebooks now a days are 64 bit Architectural. What is the basic meaning of 64 bit Architectural Systems and what are their Advantages and Disadvantages. Why they are called 64 bit?

I have recently encountered a problem with my Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone. I installed Whatsapp on it but it was not showing any contact in my Whatsapp. I have 769 Contacts in total in my Phone but none of them is listed in the Whatsapp contacts. It becomes very difficult to chat with any person. You have to remember the numbers which is not possible with so much Contacts in Phone. How to resolve the issue?

I have Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Batteries inserted in Key Board work for a long time but Mouse consumes the batteries within a week. I was curious to know if after using the mouse when it is idle should I put the battery in Opposite Polarity in Mouse to use Battery Longer? I mean putting +ve end at -ve and vice versa. Is it a safe practice?