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I know that Print Screen button will copy the Screen as an image and upon paste in any graphic software it will be seen, to do the printing of the screen, I have to use any graphic software, is it possible to achieve the printing of screen using any shortcut key or is there any software for printing screen?

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Hi Friends,

I am using Visual FoxPro, I am searching for a similar software that has the performance & flexibility of Visual FoxPro. SQL and .NET is not an option for me due to the cost constraint. Suggest me a best FoxPro database alternatives, that will help me.


Timothy A Chatman

Category: Suggestions

Hi Friends,

I am having 250GB of internal hard disc. It is not sufficient for me to store the data. I know about cloud data storage. I have my office documents to store in cloud storage. I need top 10 cloud data service provider rankings. In where my data will be secretly maintained. Please suggest that provider list.



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Hello Guys,

I am using Microsoft Fortran Power station 4 Professional on Windows XP machine. I am planning to have Intel Core 2 Duo  with Windows 7 64 bit, will I be able to use Microsoft Fortran Power station Windows 7 ?

Please do the needful for providing the inputs,

Raymond D Caswell

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Hi Everyone,

I am updating the HP Insight Virtual Machine Manager using Incremental Update Installer. I got an HP Insight Management 7.2 Update from HP's website, While installation, It alerts to turn off the anti-virus for the patch update and stops the HP Systems Insight Manager service and the dependent services. Will that ok to turn off the anti-virus,

Please guide me,

Christopher S Joy

Category: Suggestions

Hi Guys,
There are different ways to send PPT file from PC to Mobile, depending upon the features that is available in PC and Mobile, I am using Android Phone and my PC is having features like Bluetooth and USB to transfer, I need know, which is the safest method of transfer and why ?

Category: Suggestions

pocket tunes deluxe 3 1 is better than 2.X? Which one is more stable for the phone?

Category: Suggestions

Dear Friends,

I am using Microsoft Silverlight 5, I need to save MyMap to jpeg of PDF format, so that it is compatible to view in any system. Please do the needful for providing me the process of saving map in jpeg in Silverlight 5.

Waiting for a reply,

Aaron R Ponder

Category: Suggestions

Hi all,

I am a data conversion expert and is using UltraEdit text editor for easier conversions using wild cards and small macros. I need to know whether there is any better wild card replacement text editor that will be useful for me. Please give your valuable suggestion.


Anthony D Renda

Category: Suggestions

Eps format is Encapsulated PostScript and it is great for web use or for print. Map of Russia, in this format is needed. Where to find?