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There has been a thought in my mind for the past six days now and that is what I hereby seek for answers today. I would like to know if there are any thing that could be said of the Google Company for not doing right. In other words, what has Google done and perhaps still doing so far which in your perspective is not a smart move?

Which of the social media platform best promotes digital intimacy? What are some of the special features that promote such act? What also makes this particular platform so special from other social media platforms? What can be done from the technical point of view to best improve this special platform? Not forgetting to highlight the negatives relating to this same medium. Thank you.

What would be the genuine reasons behind Samsung electronics Company Limited stating not to have conceived any plan of emerging with Samsung SDS Company Limited? What would cause such a statement from Samsung electronics Company Limited? I overhead this news as a headline on a local radio station when preparing for school in the morning.

Would share the same sentiments with people who are of the view that the addiction to social by many young men are causing a lot of harm to most especially young Indian’s sexual lives. I am saying this because of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and the likes prefers to use emojis on these platforms instead of acting real physically which I believe could be a contributing factor. However, you might share of a different opinion which I believe I would love to know more about.

I would want why Intel is still ahead of AMD in the world of Technology? What is the Intel Company doing distinctively from the AMD Company that does the trick? Per the number of years of existence of both Intel and AMD, can you help me assess the progressive development of these two? Can it be said that both companies started so well?

Why would Facebook squash the European privacy regulations via tracking their customers online without any consented agreement? Could this act by the American Technological Company affect their productive growth in the continent? What recommended steps can you outlined for both parties in resolving this issue best? Francis Sam is my name and a student.

Why would Xbox One pulls off an unbelievable sales victory over the Play Station 4 in the game world market? How much sales was made by each of the gaming companies for past six months? How much growth has been made in terms of percentage by both companies? Which of the company is constantly showing a realistic and tremendous projections of taken over the video gaming industry?

In your own observation and research, what would make Verizon purchase AOL for 4.4 billion USD? When is the transaction expected to be complete? Would you share the same view with what the American mobile giant describes the business transaction and move as grand and important as they look forward to build a digital and a video platforms as they strive towards the future? Why are your bases for agreeing or not?

Per your own observations what would have been the wrong steps that the Pandora Media Inc. based in LA lose a court hearing to BMI concerning royalty rates? Do you think it will be necessary for the losing party to go for an appeal? And if YES, why and if NO, I still want to know your take on this issue. Per your estimation what would be the amount of money to be spend on the filing of the appeal?

Why is the Zynga laying off about 18 percent of their labour force despite known for its numerous services and labour force? Why would the company decides to opt out of the Sporting video games production race and also shut down its data service centers across the globe used for its gaming and computer processing prerequisites? What would be the future of Zynga Company in the next decade?