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Hello guys!

I need help. Do you have a list of known malware programs? I need links of the websites providing this which is updated almost every day. I would really appreciate websites which also indicates how dangerous each threat could be. Please share those links to me.


Category: Bugs

I have deleted some important files and history from my computer. Later on I have learned that my deleted histories has not removed absolutely but stored in DAT files. I do not know much about it. How to restore dat files? Please guide me.


Category: Bugs

As I have read about the Rackspace cloud review, so there are some questions in my mind. What apparatus or device we need to use it and if we connect to Cloud Server as well as use different features then the speed of processing should not be too slow as compared to own desktop PCs working? Whether we will not be able to use USB, CD-ROM etc on it? Please give me some satisfactory answers.

Category: Bugs

Hi Experts,

I want to MySQL workbench copy from table to table. And I tried with this code "CREATE TABLE recipes_new LIKE production. recipes; INSERT recipes_new SELECT * FROM production. recipes;" but it won't work. What can I do now? Can anyone help me?

Category: Bugs

Hi friends,

I am using yahoo for my email hosting. Someone accessed my account without my knowledge and sending adult and abusive emails to my contact list.

I am looking for yahoo password edit.

How can I edit my password as my account is already in the hands of the intruders?

I am still unable to login.

Category: Bugs

When surfing the web  I have got a lotro game card generator pop up window every time I try to click new link I scanned my PC for viruses but it does not work can you help me to find a solution please?

Category: Bugs


Say the caller name is absolutely fine when I did not connect to my Smartphone N8 with Bluetooth. But when I connect to Bluetooth the voice is barely audible.

Ringtone is very loud but voice is not like to audible with comfortable.

Please help someone.

Category: Bugs

Why I don't receive from Trillian log notification? What's the problem behind this? Is this a bug from Trillian or is it because of me? I'm a little worried about this because it might lead me to miss some important conversations. Any suggestions?

Category: Bugs


I would like to know whether the Java loader in  Blackberry supports my SQL and whether it would debug mySQL

Please help.


Category: Bugs

I have launched a site designed at Joomla. As I heard that Joomla is the best content management system and it's security level is awesome. But I have not clear concept over Joomla. This is why I can not add Joomla gallery with text at my site. How can I add it?