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How to create your own tally chart by using the fundamental online tools? I want to record my data by displaying every individual occurrence, and since, there is an enormous amount of data, it is impossible to do it manually. Please tell me any tally maker website to get my work done online.

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I had the technology enthusiasts mention that windows 10 is due for release this year? Will windows 10 support the same pipeline as the predecessor 8 and 7? I can imagine because I heard that It will be installable in both the tablets and the computers at the same time. Will this Operating system require a particular hardware upgrade or the previous processors can support this? that is the Pentium 4 processors

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Hello Techyv Experts,

I am in a creation of a website with lots of images, I have seen lots of pages similar to that, which will take a bit time to load the images, I need to overcome similar issues on my website, So I need technical tips about, how to load images faster in HTML.


Marc A White

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Hi, Good day to you. My friend needs some details about easy home biz system. So he told me to find some information. Actually I need easy home biz system review. Expert please explains and gives me easy home biz system review. Please provide me the downloadable link too. Thanks. 

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Hello expert, I am using Sharepoint 2007. I need to improve my studies through Sharepoint.

So, I need a help from you.

Please can you send me any online tutorials based on Sharepoint 2007 spitems rotator to study as my own?

Thank you.

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I am using Windows 8 beta version and I need to install desktop flipping book. So I need to download it first then I have to install it. I want to work offline with it. Experts please tell me how to arrange it to work without internet.

Thank you.

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Hello All,

Long awaited new design has been updated to live site today. As per the requests from various members we have changed the look.

We would like all of you to give us your suggestions.

a. If you like the new design or was the previous design better.

b. What else can be improved next?

c. Is there any bug you have come across?

d. Any others.

Thanks a lot for all your support.

Techyv Admin.