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Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5

Can i have the differences between these 2 devices




Best features in each

Category: Apple

Samjiyon tablet would this be a competitor for iPAD Air?

North Korea has this new Samjiyon tablet and i would love to know all possible details of this new device and how is this a threat on sales of Apple Air in North Korea.

I would need some detailed info please

Category: Apple

What type of differences can we feel moving to Mac from Windows

Last 12 years i have been using Windows

Now i want to move to MAC

What type of issues i would feel?

I mean what could be things that worked in Windows and that were cool that might be an issue in MAC


Regular used softwares

I know MAC is better but what would i miss in Windows?

Category: Apple

Apple iPAD Air vs iPAD 3 and iPAD2

The new iPAD Air whats new in it


Can i have a detailed explanation on this new device please.

Category: Apple

OS X Mavericks what are the hardwares that can use it?

What is so great about this software?

Why is this made free when it has so many features?

Category: Apple

External Thunderbolt Storage what are the models available in Apple

What are the benefits to go with External Thunderbolt Storage  rather than a HP/Dell SAN

Category: Apple

Mouse and Magic Trackpad what are the differences between these 2

I wanted some advanced explanation to why/where do we use these

Cost/User friendly

Category: Apple

Mac Mini Vs iMAC which is better to buy?

I am looking to buy a MAC but confused on which to select

How to decide which is better

Cost is not an issue as far as i can buy one at 3,000$


Category: Apple

Use Teamviewer to control iPhone is this possible

I wanted to know if this is ever possible to control my iPHONE or iPAD from a desktop via Teamviewer

What are the steps 

If not possible why?

What are the other ways to achieve this?

Category: Apple

All about Apple TV and information

Can this be used in Countries like India/Pakistan/Bangladesh

How does it get connected?

Network? or a separate cable like the cable or Dish TV?

Can i have all details on what channels come in it and why is it different that the Dish TV?

Can this be connected to a iMAC