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Mouse and Magic Trackpad what are the differences between these 2

I wanted some advanced explanation to why/where do we use these

Cost/User friendly

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Mac Mini Vs iMAC which is better to buy?

I am looking to buy a MAC but confused on which to select

How to decide which is better

Cost is not an issue as far as i can buy one at 3,000$


Category: Apple

Use Teamviewer to control iPhone is this possible

I wanted to know if this is ever possible to control my iPHONE or iPAD from a desktop via Teamviewer

What are the steps 

If not possible why?

What are the other ways to achieve this?

Category: Apple

All about Apple TV and information

Can this be used in Countries like India/Pakistan/Bangladesh

How does it get connected?

Network? or a separate cable like the cable or Dish TV?

Can i have all details on what channels come in it and why is it different that the Dish TV?

Can this be connected to a iMAC

Category: Apple

MAC Pro when is it releasing and what are the features?

How many ports does it have

How good is it compared to the iMAC 27"


If a detailed comparison can be given would be great


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OS X Mavericks version 10.9 whats new in it?

I have heard of this new OS

Is this a complete new OS?

Is this a upgrade

What are the new features?

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I am running Adobe CS5 on my Mac Operating System but I am getting some trouble from last days. When I try to open Adobe Fireworks CS5 on Mac OS the program does not launch and the following error message displays on the screen. I can’t understand this issue. I have searched the solution from forums but could not get proper resolution. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Fireworks cannot run

Fireworks cannot run. A parameter was incorrect

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I am just trying to install Cubase AI 4 on my Mac Operating System but getting fail to install every time when I click on the setup to install it. The following error message comes up on the screen. I can’t understand this issue and why does it come. I have googled to find the solution but wasted my time. I really need your assistance. Thanks in advance.

Syncrosoft POS Error

Syncrosoft POS Error Message

File Synsoacc.bundle could not be located in the Application Support folder.

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Share internet from my desktop to iPHONE

I want to download some APP's to my iPHONE and i dont have a 3G connection on my phone. I want a way to get the internet from my desktop

We dont have a Wifi available so its a wired LAN environment

Windows 7 OS

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I installed Moodle 2.5.2 on my Mac Operating System but I am getting the following error message hen I try to upload files to my 'private files', by picking them. I use the auto feature to install and upload plug-in. I just checked the dataroot for permission and everything was fine. What’s wrong with this and how can I fix this issue? Have any idea to resolve the problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Moodle 2.5.2 on my Mac Operating System


Can not create local file pool directories, please verify permissions in dataroot.