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I have an Apple iPhone 5 and when I want to click on a link it automatically wants to open up in Safari.  I'm afraid to delete this app because it came with the phone.  Am I able to delete this app?  If yes, what browser will it use?  Is there anyway I can set another default browser?  Thank you.

Category: Safari

I am running Safari version 4.0.3 and trying to download Mozilla Firefox on my MacBook. The download starts fine but when it ends, an error appears that "Safari error Domain error, the operation could not be completed". Due to this the file does not open and I am unable to install Firefox. I have tried emptying the cache on Safari and  I have also tried resetting it but up to no good. How can I fix Safari so that it will download properly?

Category: Safari

In OS X, everything seems to be running fine. The system is running fine and other applications are running fine as well. But when I'm running Safari, it is slow. The internet is not slow so it must be the browser. Is there any steps I can do or maybe an update I need to install to resolve this issue?

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After installing Flash player 11 on iMac Maverick and Safari 7, it just disappears. I used the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller then reinstalled Flash Player 11 for OS X but some websites still say I need to install Flash Player. The flash player icon is shown on the pages when it opens so I know it's installed. Any suggestion here? 

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I do not understand where I went wrong, to my knowledge I think the download and installation went pretty well and good without any problem. I got this error message in the middle of my test. What I have do now to avoid this test and keep running? Please help me to resolve this error and to find solutions. Thanks a lot.

Flash Player (Safari Internet plug-in) quit unexpectedly.

Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple.

Category: Safari

I have downloaded Safari that used to open with yahoo as its home page. But now recently I have noticed that it opens with multiple windows. Why is this so? How can I change the settings like they were before?

Category: Safari

Hi Guys,

Please help me with this problem. How can I  make this internet video ripper Mac Safari browser compatible?


Teresa Duncan

Category: Safari

Hi Experts

I am continuously encountering a problem while using iCloud that sometimes it duplicates bookmark mac. Can anyone tell me how to stop/remove duplicates? 

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Hi and good day!

What are the top plug-ins for Safari on iPad?  My friend gave me ideas for plug in Safari iPad. Just asking for opinions.


Patricial Ferro

Category: Safari

Hi, i am using Safari HTML 5 and was wondering if there is any plugin for download and  viewing Tiff using html5 in Safari including other image file formats like gif,jpg I am currently on iOS 5.1..

Any help would be appreciated.