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I have downloaded Safari that used to open with yahoo as its home page. But now recently I have noticed that it opens with multiple windows. Why is this so? How can I change the settings like they were before?

Category: Safari

Hi Guys,

Please help me with this problem. How can I  make this internet video ripper Mac Safari browser compatible?


Teresa Duncan

Category: Safari

Hi Experts

I am continuously encountering a problem while using iCloud that sometimes it duplicates bookmark mac. Can anyone tell me how to stop/remove duplicates? 

Category: Safari

Hi and good day!

What are the top plug-ins for Safari on iPad?  My friend gave me ideas for plug in Safari iPad. Just asking for opinions.


Patricial Ferro

Category: Safari

Hi, i am using Safari HTML 5 and was wondering if there is any plugin for download and  viewing Tiff using html5 in Safari including other image file formats like gif,jpg I am currently on iOS 5.1..

Any help would be appreciated.

Category: Safari

Dear All,

I am using Mac that runs OS Safari 6.0. I want to erase all the browsing history but have no idea how to do it. Can anyone tell me how to completely history from mac?

Category: Safari

I have installed Adobe Reader and now Adobe is used  as the safari viewer. How can I confirm safari viewer download as a default viewer to revert the product's preview.

Category: Safari

Hi experts !

Could anyone help me on how to make the juniper networks fox for safari work on a Mac OSx Version 10.5 ?

I would appreciate if you describe the steps to be followed for both the installation process plus the configuration.

Many thanks.

Category: Safari


I need your help. I need to change proxy setting on my safari and as quickly as possible. Please, give me the direction as I can do it easily.


Category: Safari

Am using safari web browser 4 and am trying to look for the mac OS x resume download feature on the download window but I seem not to see it, can any one help?