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Recently I made an update to my Windows 7 and today this error appeared. I don’t know how to fix this and a friend recommended to install and run a DLL fixer. I don’t know what to say about this and that’s why I would like to ask you first for a solution. Should I install and run a DLL fixer on my laptop ? Can you offer me an alternative solution that will work 100% ?

Thank you !

iCloudServices.exe – Bad Image

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I got this error on publishing my site through Rapid Weaver:

Exception while exporting site

Could not create folder /private/var/folders/ji/





I restarted my computer and another error appears. But this time it is showing a permission error and I am unable to start Dropbox. Can someone please help me with this issue? I will appreciate any help. Thanks.

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Hi Pro Experts,

I am getting this wired error message and it makes me more tired. This error message pops up every time I start the windows 8. I am not opening any of the Apple product but still this annoying error pops up. Do I need to change the settings or properties? Where do I change it? Please help.

The procedure entry point kCFStreamSocketSecurityLevelNegotiatedSSL could not be located in the dynamic link library CFNetwork.dll.

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While I was attempting to connect to AIM account through iChat, a window dialog box appears with error message. And I can't connect to AIM. I don't know what's this error is all about as it saying about AIM socket error. How can I fix this? Can I fix it by resetting iChat?

IChat can't communicate with the Mac.com account

An undefined AIM socket error has occurred.


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Soundtrack Pro is giving an error after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. And it became unusable. The error I am receiving is:

The application soundtrack pro quit unexpectedly. The problem may have been caused by the Instant Hijack Server plug-in.

Mac OS X and other applications are not affected.

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I downloaded updates for iPhoto through the App Store. It started fine and it took me few hours on playing around with my photos. This morning, when I try to open it again, there is nothing written on the screen except for the loading icon. I downloaded iPhoto Library Manager and run it thinking that it can fix the issue. But an error showed up. Please help me in troubleshooting this issue.


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I don't know why I can't be able to start ichat. Every time I try to open it, an error will appear. I searched for some solutions online and already followed what they suggested such as removing the library prefs, reboot my modem and router and repair the disk permissions. However, nothing works so far. The error I've got is listed below:

An Internal iChat error occurred.

IChat couldn't connect to iChat Agent.


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I'm running iOS 7.0.3 on my iPhone 4S. Recently, I have a problem with iMessage not activating. When trying to activate it, I received an error and I can't even sign in as I am having a connection error. I'm not sure how to resolve this anymore. Restoring my iPhone is my last option so I hope someone can suggest some alternatives to resolve this issue. Thanks.

IMessage Activation

An error occurred during activation.

Try again.


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I am setting up Open Directory (OD) Replica through the Server.app with Mountain Lion 10.8.2. However, an error below appears when trying to create a replica. The DNS is properly configured and I also run the command "sudo changeip -checkhostname" and the result is a success. But why am I getting the below error? Please send me some help.

Confirm Settings

An error occurred while configuring od as a directory replica. Please check your network configuration and try again.

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Hi tech experts,

I used to import contact details into iCloud using vCard, this method is much easier for me comparing to others. Recently when I am transferring the contacts to my wife phone I faced this error message. This error message is not providing any information why this happened. How to rectify this error from popping? Do I need to update the version of iCloud or vCard? Please help. Thanks.

Unable to import vCard This vCard cannot be imported because it

contains invalid contact data

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