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Is it a rumor about the iPAD Maxi a new model from Apple. How is if better than the iPAD Air. Features? All rumors that you experts have heard about to just create the heat of waiting more better

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iPAD Mini is small and not much of a cost difference. How do people opt between these?. Why do one want to buy one other then the other? Would be great if the types of people who may want which?

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I have a iPAD and a iPHONE and I want to transfer images between each. I want to connect via Bluetooth and WiFi and achieve transferring data. Can I have the steps for both these ways.

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What is the weight of an iPad Air and what is the size of the screen? How good is it from the iPad 3 device. Do all APP’s have to be different from the other models for iPad Air?

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What are the differences between iPAD Air and iPAD Mini? Can anyone give me a side to side comparison please. With your opinions as a expert on whats the differences?

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Hi all,

Background App refresh to be stopped in iPAD 3

Where is the settings and what are the benefits of doing this.

Can i have the exact steps to achieve this on a iOS 7 iPAD 3

Thank you

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I have the Ebay app on my iPad but when I list an item, I move all the way to the last step and then I get a message that calls itself a listing error. Is there something wrong that I am doing?

Error message:

Listing Error

Funds from our sales will be unavailable and show as pending in your PayPal account for a period of time (T21916260)

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Got myself an iPad tablet the other days. And while browsing a bit, playing, searching for cool stuff to download, I keep getting some sites, specially gambling sites as commercials or pop-ups. It is very much annoying and I don't know how exactly to stop them from showing up. I know how to do it on my computer but this is iPad and I am new to this category. So can you guys tell me how can you block gambling sites on iPad and stop them from showing up?

Category: iPad

I took an iPad tablet from a friend yesterday, and since I was getting bored, I tried a video conference on Yahoo but I was unable to view the Webcam.

Is there some kind of software I need?

Can you tell me how to view Yahoo Webcam on iPad tablet?

I don't know if it is possible or what I must do.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi there!

I have been Googling around looking for a remedy on how can I write a review on an iPad book or iBook without using iTunes. I don't want to waste my time downloading and installing iTunes on my PC before I can write a review on an iBook. I hope you could help me the soonest possible.