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Hi everybody,

I am having an iPad 3 which is working great.

Today all of sudden the app icons on the home screen got disappeared. When I double clicked the home button I was able to see the home screen along with other applications that are running. But, when I select the home screen, it has shown the application icons for a second and then getting disappeared. I am not sure whether it is issued with settings or something else.

Please kindly help us to resolve this issue? Thank you so much in advance guys!

Category: iPad

Hi all,

I have an iPad4 which was working perfectly fine so far. From last week onwards it was behaving strange.

Sometimes screen gets stuck. If display comes, it will not allow me to open applications and sometimes The apps getting stuck. I have tried to restore this to factory settings and DFU mode, etc., but no luck.

What might be the problem with that? Is this happening because of the display/hardware issue or iOS issue? Can somebody help me resolve this issue please? Thanks in advance for any kind of help!

Category: iPad

My iPad is running out of space. If I try to download an app, I get an 'out of storage space' error and it can be very frustrating. I have a 32GB. How do I find out what is using most of the space in my iPad? How do I clean out my camera roll?

Category: iPad

I am having iPad 3 and I like it so much as I also have the Air Printer at my home.

It was working perfectly so far, but from last week it is not able to recognize my air printer. My Air Printer is One, HP Photosmart printer. When I look for Air Printers in iPad for connecting, it is showing "No Air Printers Found" error.

Is there any latest update in my iPad caused this issue? Is anybody else experiencing the same problem? Please suggest on what to do in order to resolve this issue. Thanks a lot in advance!

Category: iPad

I have bought new iPad Air recently. But, I am facing issues with the camera in it. It is not working properly. When I select a camera application, it tries to load and take a long time and then it crashes. Sometimes the application will load and while taking the picture it is getting stuck. The camera lens looks fine, but not sure what is the problem. All other features in the iPad Air are working fine except the camera. Can somebody  advice on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

Category: iPad

I've heard that a bug fix update from Apple (iOS 7.1.2) has been rolled out for its devices. Can I install it on my iPad? Does it contain new features? How do I install the new version? Do I need a computer to install the update? Thanks in advance for the help!

Category: iPad

I updated to XBMC 13.x and now I'm having a problem browsing the UPnP library on the OE box on my iPad 2. It's still running on ios6. I have not encountered any problem before the update. When I try to open a TV episode listings I get a 'playback failed' message. Is there a way to roll back the update?

Category: iPad


I have this error when I try to download an app from Store on my iPad. I have this error only for programs and not for games or music. My Internet connection is working OK and this started to appear from 3-4 days ago. Can anyone help me please to fix this ? What is wrong with my iPad ?

Tanks !


*** could not be download due to an error. (403)


Category: iPad

Hi friends,

Xcode in iPad is creating a problem; it used to run perfectly without any problem in the beginning. Now after the renewal of license it started throwing an error message. I do not understand where I went wrong literally. Please help me to find the root cause of this error. Thanks in advance.


A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found.

Category: iPad


On my iPad I had this error today when I was reading some Word Documents and the application had to stop unexpectedly. Now I can’t read any document at all on my iPad. I looked up after some updates and none are available. Does anyone have any idea about this error and how can this be solved? Thanks!


The application Docs (process com.google.android.apps.docs) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

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