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Top 15 alternatives to iPAD

I am always keen to know new things and wanted to know just the alternatives to iPAD that are released in 2013

Just ones that are released this year and are real good comparison to iPAD

Category: iPad


It’s been seven weeks since my Nexus 10 tablet arrived, so it’s time for an update on my attempt to replace it with an iPad 3. Was the lack of good tablet apps as big of a problem as everyone said it would be? And what about the superior build-quality of the iPad? Between a tablet and an iPad, which one has more apps available?


Category: iPad

Which is the best Nexus 10 Vs iPAD Air

Which is better and why?


Hardware vs Hardware

Any real comparison would be great

Category: iPad

Is the iPAD mini's configuration and iPAD Air same? and the only difference is the size of screen?

Can i have a detailed comparison here with your opinions

Category: iPad

My iPAD mini camera does not work with IOS 7

I upgraded and now my Video does not work i am on the image screen and have no clue how to change to Video or its not working

Category: iPad

After the upgrade of iOS7 videos record with no sound

I have an iPAD 3 and today upgraded to iOS7 and for a surprise i record a video and no audio is captured. All my videos are blank silent

What can i do to fix this issue?

Category: iPad

Camera roll is empty but the storage in iPAD shows if full

I had 4 Gb of images and videos and now due to space issues i backed all up to my system and deleted all images and videos and sure its empty. When i see the Usage under Settings in my iPAD it shows that i have 4 GB of images. How can this be

How can i reset the storage counter in iPAD

I restarted the iPAD with no luck

Any step by step troubleshooting tips please

Category: iPad

My iPad 3rd generation video recording is stuck when zoomed?

In iOS7 i can zoom and unzoom while the video is recording and when i used this feature it got stuck and does not get to normal

Zoom is stuck on my iPAD 3 and any help would be great

I tried restarting and resetting already and these never worked

Category: iPad

Back Camera on my iPAD 2 does not work after iOS7

I use this on daily basis to chat with clients on Skype and Facetime, and this is really annoying on why my back camera on my iPAD 2 does not work after the iOS7 upgrade.

I already tried resetting my iPAD which did not help

Category: iPad

I have an iPAD 3 with iOS7, and now the picture frames is missing on this new upgrade. I read that it was removed

Can i get a way to add it back?

Why was this feature removed and if not removed please give me the steps to get this