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I have used Photoshop all my life and I have a mac desktop in my office and Im unable to determine how I can continue with Photoshop in Mac, is there an equivalent photo edit in mac that can match up to Photoshop and where can I get this? Im new to the mac so I find most things strange.

Category: Apple Desktop

I am using an Apple TV with Windows 7. Everything was fine till today morning. All of sudden while watching Netflix, I am getting subtitles. I tried couple of changes on my own but everything is in vain. I need your help to get rid of these annoying subtitles while watching Netflix. Is there any way I can disable this feature permanently as I never prefer having them again.

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I have a apple dextop pc.I am using wireless keyboard and mouse with it. They work fine but when after some time the keyboard and mouse stops working even the lights of both the devices are on and they are successfully connected with wireless device. I need to know how to troubleshoot this problem ?

Category: Apple Desktop

Hi there,

I can’t open and install anything downloaded from another source than Mac App Store. Not anything I want and I need can be found on App Store. Is there a way to change these settings ? What can I do ?

Thanks !

“etax2013_1.app” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

“etax2013_1.aoo” is on the disk image

“etax2013_1.dmg” . Safari downloaded this disk

Image today at 12:30 pm from www.ato.gov.au

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Hi guys, I want to connect MAc OSX USB host to USB gadget device actually I have a Linux machine running in mass storage USB mode and I want a way to trigger this device to reconnect I mean I want to force this machine to connect itself to the gadget device some how.Please tell me a solution how can I do it

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Hi guys,

Why my apple mac screen keep flickering or goes black during start up it happens almost every time I open it.I don't know what went wrong why this problem occurs and the screen goes completely black sometimes is it hardware related problem or due to much space usage in it.Please help me fix this its really annoying.

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I have a MAC OS X Mavericks and when I try to connect to the new 3TB hard drive, it does not show me the right hard drive space. How can I make the OS read the correct hard drive capacity? Are there any limitation issues on computers reading a 3 TB hard drive?

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I have a new iMac and was working properly. I changed the hard drive. It works without any issues. Afterwards, I put new cover and glass is back on, but wonder video is not visible. I removed the cover and videos are visible. I have checked whole thing. Everything is works fine. Please kindly help me to find the solution. Thanks in advance!

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I don't know if my Mac computer can support it but it is currently running on OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion and I'm planning to upgrade it to OS X Mavericks. Is this possible? Where can I get the OS X Mavericks? Can I get it from the App store? Thanks

Category: Apple Desktop

Hello experts,

This error message box pops-up suddenly and randomly on my desktop. Sometimes can be very annoying and I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Can anyone of you guys help me to fix this?

Why I have this error with iTunes?


System extension cannot be used

The system extension “/system/library/Extensions/CNQL212_ClassicNoteSize.kext” was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try re-installing it, or contact the products vendor for an update.