Getting to know MS-Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 Explained

Open Microsoft Outlook 2010. You will get a window similar to the one shown below.

New Section

The New E-mail option opens a window for composing and sending a new email.

You will get a window for composing message like the one shown below.

Outlook 2007 modifying mail formatting

Outlook 2007 Mail Formats

Microsoft Outlook 2007 has evolved many new features with user-friendly options transforming this email-client application in many interesting ways. With the increasing use of internet and email-based communication, the importance of standards and formats are increasing very rapidly. This version offers alternative standards so users have many choices to select or modify the default formatting that enhances the standard of their company.

Mail Format option serves the users in this context. It can be accessed from the Tools under Options menu. The options window has Mail Format tab that contains all the accessories of email formatting. The screen shot below has been highlighted for better understanding.

All about Independent Cache Memory


A Cache (pronounced as cash) in computer engineering, enables the processing units of computers to minimize the average time that the computer requires in order to access the memory. The cache is a very small and quite fast memory space which provides storage for the data and information from the memory locations that are mostly used in the main memory.

It is a fact that when most accesses of memory are cached memory locations, the required average latency to access these memory locations is much closer to the latency of the cache rather than the main memory latency.

Brief Background On The Computers Process

A Brief Background On The Computers Process

When one turns on a computer, the user starts a complex set of steps that would somehow be discussed here. And the starting process or boot process is one of the most important elements in understanding how computers works.

For a successful boot process, the computer's BIOS, operating system and components of hardware must all be functioning properly. If any one of the said three elements malfunctions, the whole start up process would probably result in a failed and unsuccessful boot.

5 Best Highly Recommended Antivirus Software

5 Best Antivirus Software

The debate goes on whether a firewall or antivirus program is more crucial and vital to protect your system. It normally depends upon the work and the system's requirements. For this reason antivirus applications have more weight age than any other program.

The reason behind this is that most of the systems are generally protected from any kind of outside intrusions because of the firewall control and router capabilities. On the other hand, using Windows® Vista and Windows XP as the operating systems is still safe as they both have integrated firewall capabilities.

Jscript, Ajax and JavaScript (This is the era of web browsing)

Jscript, Ajax and JavaScript

This is the era of web browsing and scripting languages are one of the core elements of Web Development. Scripting languages and tools enable loads of features to enhance interactivity, security and browsing of a website.

Programming languages used in developing softwares

Programming languages used in developing software applications

There are various programming languages that are used to develop software applications such as MS Office, gaming applications and editing software that we use to create videos and enhance photos – tasks that are easier said than done without a computer. Despite changes in the trends of information technology, new and very different programming languages are being introduced to facilitate the creation of application software. Although the languages vary depending on their levels, each has its unique characteristics, as described below.

C++ programming language

Solution for online storage services

Online storage services

Why do we need online storage services? Sometimes when we are traveling, we forget important files or documents, You can easily save them on your USB, but it’s better to save it on online storage. because you may forget to bring your USB or have misplaced it.

When your files are saved in an online storage, you can easily access the web site where you saved your files and have it printed, share with business partners, family and friends. Others may even view it even without your permission. Businessmen use these online solutions for their business.

Some storage devices online:

Bringing out Storage Area Network

Storage Area Network

Storage Area Network is a network or sub-network of shared data storage devices. It is a high speed special purpose network that connects multiple data storage devices to the associated servers for access by multiple users.

Norton being the best Antivirus

Norton being the best Antivirus

Norton AntiVirus

Norton AntiVirus is excellent when it comes to antivirus protection. It is proficient and superior when it comes to blocking spywares, malwares, and viruses with its advanced prevention and protection system. Norton is not only efficient when it comes to detection of offline viruses; it also protects your computer systems when you are surfing and browsing the net from potential downloads that are harmful. It also scans your incoming and outgoing emails including their attachments.