Computer Hobbyists: The most common intruders

Computer hobbyists

The most common intruders of computer systems are the computer hobbyists and computer experts. They view unauthorized access as an irresistible intellectual game. Computer hobbyists are mostly known as "intruders", but this term is very wide. There are various types of computer hobbyists and include intruders as their commonly known computer hobbyists.

A Brief Description of Power Supply Units

Power supply units

This is a computer component responsible for supplying power to other components in the entire system. Power supply units do this, typically, by converting the general-purpose alternating power; which originates from the mains into a low voltage direct current power which can be used by other components in the computer.

There are some power supply units which contain a switch that controls voltage ranging from 150V to 230V, but other power supply units has built-in sensors that automatically switch voltages; accepting voltages between the limits.

Data Link Layer: The 2nd layer of OSI Model

Data Link Layer

The Data Link layer is basically use for transfer frame data from one node (hop) to next adjacent node. It’s a second layer of OSI model.

Basically it takes data packets from network layer put a header and trailer make frames and send it to physical layer.

Data Link Layer has two sub layers:

  1. Logical Link Control (LLC)
  2. Multiple Access Control (MAC)

Logical Link Control

File System Conversion. Fat32 to NTFS

I want to change the file system of my drive without formatting. I experienced FAT32 is working very slow with Windows XP. Someone suggested, to change the type of file system. My question is “How I can convert Fat32 File System to NTFS File System of a drive without formatting?

I can’t share Mac OS X Server volume.

Hello Everyone,

I have a business Centre and my all IT base platform is on Mac. I’ve a Mac OSX Server. It’s a standard 2008 R2 domain. I’ve two partitions, one is server and another is Public. I want to share public with all my colleagues. I popped onto server admin Volume and created a share and attempted to share it via auto mounting, ensuring that I had moved the group students into the permissions, but it won't work. I've tried in different ways but failed to fix it up. Any solution please let me know.



Booklet Printing in office 2007 word file

I am feeling very happy to see this, very informative and valuable site. I have read nearly about 50 questions and implemented the solutions. It’s very helpful for me to work and understand the computer on hardware and software both levels.

All experts have done very appreciative work. I also have a question and want the solution. I want to print a document in booklet form, in Office 2007.

Guide me through, so that I can get the desired result.

HTTP: Know your Networking Protocol

HTTP (Hyper Text Terminal language)

HTTP is a stateless protocol. It’s used to access data on World Wide Web (www).

HTTP is use TCP port number 80 HTTP works from client request to server and server response to client.

HTTP operation:

1) The client opens a connection

2) Client send request to server that is http request

3) Server sends response to the client http response

3) Server closes connection.

How to identify 32 bit Windows from 64 bit Windows?

My cousin told me that it is better to have a 32-bit operating system, since you will find a great range of applications and software that are compatible with the platform. As for 64-bit platform, you have to be certain that the software you like to install, is compatible with 64-bit platform. I somehow got his idea but how exactly can I tell, which one I am using? I am using Windows XP Home Edition SP3.

Efficient usage of Database Compression

Database Compression

In the world of today, IT service providers constantly face problems of storage space. Under these circumstances, administrators and users turn to database shrinking and compression. By this practice, limited storage space can be used efficiently. There are many ways to achieve this. There is software that accomplishes the same task and there are various commands in different servers that can do the same job.

For SQL 2008 R2 databases ‘DBCC SHRINKDATABASE’ can be used. All you have to do is, state the name of the database and state the target percentage compression.

How to take Screenshots then insert to MS-Word?

How to take a screen shot, then put the capture item to word file? Is there a tool or an in built way to do this? Should I save it first? Please help.