How can I browse websites that is blocked

I work in an office environment, where all internet traffic is restricted. Most popular websites are also blocked. Is there a possibility of bypassing the restriction imposed on Internet traffic?

Need help to select Good Graphics Card.


I am having a problem to select a correct Graphics card. I have used NVIDIA 9400 GT series 1GB Graphics card but it has some problem so I want to change my Graphics card.

Now I am thinking about the Brand of the Graphics card which I should select NVIDIA Or ATI Radeon?

I have heard about ATI but never used it. I heard that it has less price than NVIDIA am I right?

What about the quality?

I also heard that the quality is same, am I right?

And can anyone suggest me if I should buy a ATI Graphics card; then which is the best at smaller price.

Please some one tell me so I can buy a graphics card and enjoy the latest Games.

WordPress how to include a Google gauge

I am using WordPress to manage my site. I want to use a Google Gauge on my WordPress site.

How do I do this?

How to make my PC perform fast?


  • Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz 2.94 GHz
  • Installed (RAM): 1.00GB
  • System Type: 64bit Operating System
  • OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

I just bought this PC a few weeks ago and the performance is too slow. Last time I've learned that the Windows 7 operating system is made faster than other OS like Windows Vista. Why it is too slow? Even if it is run by a faster processor, which they say that it has faster performance and very responsive in multitasking. I still have 13.4GB free space on my Drive C: and I think it is still enough or more in which a PC performs well and  won't crawl like a turtle. :)

Need to write a EJB QL

I need help in writing queries in EJB 3.0. I am used to normal select statements in plain java. But I hear that in EJB 3.0, the syntax of writing a custom query is different.

Please help.

How I can repair the USB serial/parallel ports?

Hay all,

Every body knows about the importance of the USB ports on a PC. Now a days there is hardly a computer device which does not have any USB connectivity. So, USB ports are very valuable hardware components of a computer but I am having some problems with the USB ports on my Desktop PC.

Microsoft Excel and its usage and functions

Introduction of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is used for various purposes. With Microsoft Excel, we can add, subtract, multiply, and divide. We can also use it for preparing different kinds of reports.

Microsoft Excel has many functions which can be used easily, such as displaying the results with the use of graphs, inserting pictures or objects, making our works more presentable by the help of formatting, filtering the data, sorting data etc.

BFS concepts, search in a Graph


I am trying to understand this code:

How to represent a graph in a C++ program logically?

Hi there.

I am just beginning to learn some C++ programming. It is quite interesting and flexible. I think it is a good habit to understand algorithms through implementing them in code. I studied some ways to represent graph in the computer. It seems to me that adjacency matrix is most simplest.

I have heard that they take a lot of space. My question is, how do I use adjacency list to reduce this memory consumption? Do I have to allocate the array size dynamically during runtime? How do I do it?

Is there any simpler way to manage adjacency list?

Compiling a C++ program from java


Thank you for reading my post. I am making a simple IDE for C++.  I have a compiler installed. I created a IDE like text editor where I can type my code and save it. Now I want a button which can compile the code on click and output the result. How do I do it? Is there anything as simple as system() in C++? I have googled for system() in java. But not much of a success.

Thanks again.