How to improve my Odesk Job application?


Please help me with the following problem:

I have an account in Odesk , but my account completion percentage is very low

Also I have a poor job quota

What I can I do?


Malware and Spyware, the Infections that Infect Your PC

Malware and Spyware, the Infections that Infect Your PC

Everything is fine with your computer, but one fine day you may open your web browser and be puzzled that you are taken to a page, which is not your home page and your PC will run very slowly.  You may try to change it with all the computer skills you have, but you won't be able to do it.  Then you will reach out for your system tray and open your virus software and run it. 

How do I know if my computer is infected with Spyware?

My child uses my Laptop throughout the day and I am unable to monitor his browsing.

This is the computer for my work and I must keep it free from any virus/malware etc otherwise they can be propagated to the network of my company.
Is there any way of knowing is my computer free of spyware?

Differences between Google Apps Editions

Google Apps

Google is a name well known to almost every person of the world. The world is now web-based, and Google is one of the most powerful masters of that world. Google Apps are an arrangement of Google product developed by Google.

Enhancements in windows 2003 R2

Enhancements in windows 2003 R2

Microsoft Windows Computer 2003 R2, an operating method, makes it easier and writer expenditure telling to pay connectivity and command to identities, locations, accumulation and applications throughout and beyond system.

Cloud Computing and Reliability, Availability As Well As Its Performance

Cloud Computing and Reliability, Availability As Well As Its Performance

Down time is one important aspect that creates serious problems for the reliability of cloud computing. Shopkeepers have to deal with hundreds of customers through phone and they book their orders by checking their inventories online. One can understand that a downtime of half an hour would result in a number of angry customers.

Different Bar Code Label’s software

Bar Code Label Software's

Bar code is very latest pioneering approach in testing the product whether it is genuine or not. As bar code becomes popular and demand worthy its creation and variations also varied in terms of application features, accuracy, reliability and pricing.

In market there are various applications available which are different in features and pricing. We have discussed some of these applications in this article which just helps you understand the best suited product for you according to your demand and budget.

‘MS-DOS/Microsoft Windows application not working on my Windows XP

I'm trying hard to figure out what seems to be the problem with my computer. I cannot run MS-DOS (command prompt-i'm using to check my connection settings) and other Microsoft Windows applications. It's always telling me to close/terminate my application. Please, I need your help... I'm already running out of solutions to my problem.

How do I recover my accidentally removed files?

I had accidentally removed all my files after reinstalling Windows using my factory restore CD. Is there any way that I can recover my deleted files on my computer?

These are so important, so I need to get them back.


Grouping of Null and Not Null fields


I have to form a query in such a way that all the NULL values in a column are grouped together and Not NULL values are grouped separately.

In algorithm form my output should be:
Total_Count            Columnxyz
number1                    NULL
number2                    All Not NULL