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Best Windows Data Recovery Softwares and Tips

Have you lost your critical data accidentally and now wondering if you could recover it somehow? Well, do not worry. With the best data recovery softwares available nowadays, it is possible to recover data very easily. To help you make the right choice, here are the top tips to select the right data recovery software and our review of the best paid and free data recovery softwares of 2013, including EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, Recuva, TestDisk, PC Inspector File Recovery, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6, R-Studio Data Recovery, and Data Rescue PC3.

Basics of Deleted Data Recovery

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Common Skype Errors

Skype is a wonderful technology that allows people with a computer, internet connection and microphone to call others on their phone from their computer. Users of Skype can also video chat with other users that have Skype, so long as they both have web cams. So, with its versatility and ease-of-use, it can be an essential key to both peoples' and businesses' everyday existence. Following this paragraph is a guide to solving common errors/issues Skype users may face:

Disk I/O Error

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The 13 Most Popular Communications Software

Communication is an important part of everyone’s life, perhaps the most important part. Here are tools that make the need for communication both easier and deeper.

1) Skype

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Knowledge Sharing: The Importance of Project Managers

Some of my friends have suggested that I should share the experience and knowledge I have gained, through a blog. Some others suggested, I should write a book !! So here I am, putting it down.

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The concept of Virtualization before Cloud Computing

In today’s world of Cloud Computing, we often hear a lot about virtualization. It sounds like a latest buzz word, but is virtualization really a new concept?  To answer this question we’ll have to take a look at what really is meant by virtualization.

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Top 4 Instant Messengers

Instant messaging is a part of the daily life of almost all Internet users across the globe. This is so because of the fact that instant messengers such as Yahoo and Skype are offering features that speed up conveying of messages and files free or at low cost.

Instant messaging connects people and enables them to see their friends on the other end live and clear. Means of communications are being continuously enhanced by the development of various instant messengers. The top messengers used by majority of Internet users and web mail account owners are the Yahoo Messenger, Skype, AOL instant messenger, Windows live messenger.

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Technical differences between SQL and Oracle

Oracle DB:

Oracle Corp is the leading supplier for s/w products, headquartered in Redwood shores, California, USA. Now they have 43000 Employees in 150 countries. Oracle is the first s/w company to develop and deploy 100 % Internet-enabled enterprise Software.

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Microsoft Office Brief Description Differences

In the year 1989, Microsoft has commenced its office suite applications which initially include Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point versions compatible for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

The application upgrades through years with spell checkers, OLE data integration, Microsoft Visual Basic and other Office Business Applications. More and more upgrades are introduced in the market and to trace back these different versions from Microsoft Office 97 to Microsoft office 2010, each be differentiated in the light of their main of features.

Office ‘97

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MS Groove


MS Groove is a desktop application which is used for document collaborations. However, now it is renamed as M.S SharePoint Workspace. It is an offline virtual workspace which allows the users to work remotely but logically integrated in a team. It is very useful for team work, document sharing and for other official purposes. Users can use it while offline.

History of M.S Groove:

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Microsoft Security Essentials review

MSE which is an abbreviation of Microsoft Security Essentials, is an antivirus application launched by Microsoft Corporation. It is helpful in providing protection against all kinds of malware such as Trojan horses, root kits, spyware, and numerous others for Windows® XP, Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 operating systems.