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You are well familiar to hotspots. You can use then in restaurants,cafes, and malls. Wifi hotspots help use to connect several devices to a device having an internet connection.It is very useful when you have internet connection through LAN cable. LAN cable connection can be used in one device only. So, if you want to use the internet connection of your computer on your mobile devices then you have to you hotspot software in your computer devices. There is various  hotspot software available on the internet.Following are the top 10 hotspot software right now .

10. NetTime software suite

Developed by :  NetTime Software.

 Supported OS  : Windows XP,Vista, 7 and 8

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 ‘I got a brand new latest smart mobile’! Woohoo, ‘Let me take a selfie first ‘, this is the first dialogue you hear from someone who gets a new mobile in recent days. But don’t you think to own an Android phone lights a sense of pride when you get one with top-notch in-built rather than running behind glamorous camera and mere outlook!

And when it comes to deciding the right phone for your price and comfort, you can have options but choose the perfect slice of the product if not fall into the trap like many who mumble afterward. Don’t worry; that was just a precaution call, and when you complete this little piece of the write-up, you will get an idea to buy your own smart phone.


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In this machinery world, we tend to put in a lot of effort for our fit physique but how many of us care about our minds? ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ reflects a healthy lifestyle. One trains their body to the core and takes least care about their minds. Every now and then, our minds also need some kind of mental exercise for its proper functioning and these kinds of brain training session’s increases the mental ability of the brain. Researchers from all around the world strictly believe this and advise everyone to focus on their minds too!

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When you own the latest phone in the market and if it doesn’t have popular or must-have apps, even a school going kid will mock at you! Having the best and sensible apps on your device makes you a real smart phone user. These apps upgrade your mobile functionality and I am sure you will recommend your fellow mates also to use those once you get optimum utilization and user experience.

In this modern world, one cannot simply waste time on useless apps. Hence, the below mentioned 10/10 apps will keep you alive, updated and make your tasks lighter.

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There are many software being designed and developed day-by-day. For a least common task of painting, we decide and make a design before painting. We think of colors, paper, pencils needed. And after a perfect planning, we start to paint. If we do this much for just a simple task of painting, how much preparation do we need to take before building software? After all, it involves huge amounts of money, time, effort, personnel, etc. So we need to consider certain aspects such as resources, staff, time, money, design blueprint, technologies, etc. before starting to build software. All of these are included in a concept called Software Architecture.

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Yes ! There are virtual managers to assist you in your password related issues. A big one for those who have a very hard time remembering all the different clumsy combinations of passwords. There are a few good password managers available for free or just a negligible amount.

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1. Open Broadcaster Software

This is open-source software designed for live recording and media streaming. Multimedia files can be broadcasted on the Internet.This software can record and save videos on the local drive. You can remove or rename a source. There is a preview function which helps you to take a glance at the generated video before broadcasting it online.

You can download it from HERE

Its size is -6.8 MB.


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1. Data Rescue pc3

This software is a Prosoft Engineering product. It is the solution for recovering files from a virus-corrupted or crashed hard drive. Data Rescue PC3 comes with a self- booting CD, put the CD in the CD drive, boot, and start recovering your data.

2. OnTrack EasyRecovery

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How many times have you wished to go back in time? Plenty of times in life, for sure, but could not. Things are slightly different in the machine world. It has a backup. With time, as we befriend technology we notice that it is less intricate than the human mind. There is always hope for the retrieval of lost data and erasing the record of unwanted activity or even reversing it.   To make our lives easier we have some helpers we would like to refer to as data recovery software. The data is mostly not deleted; it is just invisible.  The following is a mixed list of paid and unpaid data recovery software that have been creating the buzz for good reasons.

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Speccy is software that will give detailed information about the hardware of your computer. It also shows the temperatures of different components which help in maintaining of the computer.

It is a Piriform product, which develops cleaning and optimization software for Microsoft Windows.

 Using Speccy a normal user can get all the information about the computer. Speccy gives accurate details of every component of the computer, i.e. motherboard, processor, memory, video card, network and hard drive.