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Virtual Assistant helps you to stay on top of your business and is very powerful to manage the virtual teams. There are lots of virtual assistants in the market today, and it is not easy for people to decide the best one. We have prepared a list of top ten virtual assistants that can help you to complete all tasks of your business.

1) Task Bullet

It is sophisticated software that manages all your simple as well as complex tasks. It helps to increase the workplace efficiency and saves a lot of time. It has various additional features that make it the prime choice of most of the people around the world.

Category: Softwares Talk

Face recognition software works simply by comparing and calculating the facial features from the given facial database. People use it in security systems and there are many such systems that are secure and protective. We have compiled a list of top ten face recognition software that can help you to do your work safely.

1) Face Aether Windows Log In

It is the most promising and famous software for face recognition and is made with the best technology. It has various features that can do the entire task within no time and it comes in two versions.

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Statistical analysis software helps in the analysis, interpretation, and calculation of data and presents it in a calculative manner. There is a variety of analyzing software in the market today, and it is not easy for people to decide the better technology for their system. We have prepared a list of the best statistical analysis software that will help you to make the right choice.

1) Minitab

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Software quality is an important aspect in the software industry these days. This feature is correlated with the business and affects it. There are many factors which you should consider before selecting software for your system. Given below are ten such factors that affect the software quality.

1) Extensibility

It is the most necessary factor that affects the quality of the software. Extensibility is the ability of the software to add various functions without damaging its system. Change cannot be accepted and thus, extensibility is an important feature.

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Microsoft’s newest OS Windows 10 is very promising on the multitasking front. The OS handles the multiple applications smoothly. Windows 10 features like Snap make multitasking very easy. Windows 10 also supports multiple desktops which help a lot if you use multiple applications at once. We list the ways to multitask in Windows 10:-

1. Snap

Windows 10 has a built-in feature called Snap which is a great way to multitask easily with multiple applications simultaneously on a single screen.

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These days, while the economy is stagnant, it is very important to use latest tools for the development of business and for providing greater opportunities. Given below is a list of ten apps that can help you to eventually start and grow a business.

1) OmniFocus

OmniFocus is perfect software for managing tasks and for organizing your company. This software is supported in Mac, iPad, and iPhone and helps you to immediately store your thoughts and information quickly and safely.

2) Log Me In

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Human resource management software helps to manage large workforce efficiently. They are widely used by HR companies of all sizes to manage work from start to end. Given below is a list of top ten HR software systems that can help you to choose better software for your system.

1) HR on board

It is an employee on boarding software that frees HR from various administrations. It helps you to make and send many job offers to new hires and helps you to engage them throughout during the on boarding process.

2) ZOHO people

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When the ONEPLUS One handset was launched in 2014, it set the precedent for the company which makes cutting-edge phones at relatively cheap prices. Since then three handsets have been launched which have cemented the reputation of ONEPLUS. However, until now ONEPLUS phones were only available through a complicated invite-system which left many frustrated with the whole process.

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Make free Skype-to-Skype calls, video calls, and instant messages now, no matter where you are, through Skype, you can easily make calls to your relatives, your friends, and to your boss around the world at cheaper rates.


1- Video Calls: You can make video calls to your family and friends, and you can talk with them face to face.

2- Phones and Mobiles: Through Skype, you can make calls on land-based and mobile phones at cheaper rates.