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Two months after the Heartbleed vulnerability leaks, a new bug has been revealed in the OpenSSL web encryption standard. The attacker should be located in an area where there are two computers communicating, so anyone is vulnerable to this bug and there are over 12,000 well-known domains that are still vulnerable to this bug.

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What to know about the Heartbleed Bug?

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Data Protection from CheckPoint

Who and what is CheckPoint Software?

Checkpoint Software Technologies Ltd. is not only the author of data protection software; they are also the pioneer of Computer Security applications, as well as the integrated Turnkey Security gateway solutions. It offers security from home users to corporate giants, comprehensive data and computer protection applications. They also offer products such as hardware firewalls, gateways, virtual ports and more; including the widest and most secure range of computer protection products. Let’s take a look at the product from Check Point which is called the Pointsec.

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Identifying Phishing and Email Scams

We, being a daily user of the World Wide Web are inclined to the con games of the Internet. Ignorance, bewilderment, confusion, bafflement and lack of enough knowledge can be the cause why frauds becomes more aggressive on promising competent services;  while they secretly stealing all the information needed such as your account numbers and passwords. Don’t be fooled with those convincing email and web pages!

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Technitium MAC Address Changer\Wireless WEP Key Password Spy\Hotspot Shield\RoboForm password manager\System Surveillance Pro

Computer has remained an important asset for individuals, professionals and organizations. The data carried by any PC is vital whether kept in an individual PC or commercial PC and security of that data has remained an issue for everyone. Several security provisions are available to protect data at large and small scale. These password protected encryption software always play an important role in protecting data from the world.

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Windows Vista User Account Control

User Account Control(UAC) is a Windows security module introduced first by Microsoft's Windows Vista. Lately come with Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems. Its goal is to improve the security of Microsoft Windows by restraining applications access to standard user. So applications only trusted by the user may receive administrative rights, operating system can easily be protected from malware. User Interface Privilege Isolation is used in combination with User Account Control to isolate lower-privilege applications communicating from higher-privilege processes.

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Websense: ISA Differences and Uses

Websense is based on San Diego Company that specialize Web security gateway software. Websense clients - businesses and governments are allowed to obstruct contact to websites selected categories. A number of censure was received by the Company from civil liberty clusters for a ground that websense is providing exploitive system in a way that it restricts freedom of speech.


Phil Trubey was the one who founded Websense in 1994. It was in year 2000 when it was exposed to the community.

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What is Kerberos and How Does it Work?

Kerberos is protocol software that is used in the authentication of communication among the computers connected in a network.  It works by prompting computers connected to the same network to provide their identity.  This ensures that each user operates in a secure mode, preventing unauthorized access to data.  Kerberos is mostly used on the client to server type of networking, and it ensures that the client and server are experiencing equal authentication.

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The ISA or Internet Security and Acceleration Server (presently called Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway) is the most up-to-date protection solution of Microsoft.  It is intended to protect the computer or computer network from any software that is designed to access and manipulate any information without the owner’s approval.  This is referred to as malware and has been identified to cause delay in accessing a particular website. 

ISA Server Functions

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Secure Socket Layer And Its Uses

  • Today, applications like online banking, financial transactions during shopping using credit card and electronic stock credit, all require a secure connection. SSL fulfills these requirements by giving a secure connection. It is used to provide security at the level of Application layer.
  • SSL builds a protected connection between two sockets, including 1) Parameter recognition between client and server; 2) Check the authentication for both client and server; 3) Secret communication; 4) Data reliability protection. SSL widely implemented HTTP connection. HTTPs mean a secure connection which is used by SSL.