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Top Graphics and Computer Devices Provider


Nvidia is one of the multinational corporations that specialize progress of the graphics and display processing units, as well as chipset technologies for personal computers, as well as on mobile devices.

The company has become the chief provider of the integrated circuits, graphics-processing design units, as well as chipsets utilized in the graphics cards in personal computer motherboards and in game consoles. It was founded in Santa Clara, California.

Nvidia creation lines contain GeForce series for video gaming graphics processors. Nvidia's manufactured goods portfolio contains graphics processors, PC platform-chipsets, wireless communications, processors, and digital media-player software. Community of computer clients has arguably come to identify Nvidia as the best for its "GeForce" creation line. It has made both a line of separate graphics chips established in the AIB (add in-board) video cards as well as center graphics technology utilized in the nForce motherboards and Microsoft-Xbox game-console, as well as Sony's game Station three game console.

ASUSTeK Computer-Incorporated:

ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated is one of the multinational computer goods manufacturers in Taiwan. This company also makes parts for additional manufacturers, such as Apple Inc., Dell,  and Hewlett-Packard. It is generally identified by its brand name. ASUS. This company is recorded on both London Stock Exchange as well as the Taiwan Stock Exchange. ASUS creates motherboards, sound cards, graphics cards, optical disc drives, computer monitors, PDAs, laptops, networking products, servers, mobile phones, computer components, computer cases, and  computer cooling devices. It is one of the most familiar names on graphics display, computers and motherboard providers.

GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd:

GIGABYTE Technology Co. Ltd is one of the largest Taiwan-based producers and providers of computer hardwares. It is known for its motherboards and graphics card. This company is openly held and trades on Taiwan Stock Exchange institute which started in 1986, and its main customers are traditional boutique computer manufacturers mainly, Alien Ware as well as Falcon Northwest.

Google recently exposed they use GIGABYTE motherboards in traditional servers. The chairman of this company is Yeh-Pei-Cheng. GIGABYTE is regarded as a Tier one motherboard manufacturer with MSI, ECS, and Asustek.

Micro Star International Co. Ltd (MSI):

Micro Star International Co. Ltd (MSI) is one of the top-three international motherboard and video card providers. MSI is also one of the largest providers of an extensive range of manufactured goods containing expansion cards, bare bones computers, servers, notebooks, All-In-One PC's, as well as car entertainment products. MSI has been noted as one of the most familiar display providers throughout the world. Its yearly motherboard and video card manufacture ranges up to 20.8 million-units as well as 11.8 million-units, correspondingly in 2005.


AMD Graphics-Product-Group, generally the ATI Technologies Inc, is one of the chief designers / providers of graphics-processing-units as well as motherboard and video card chipsets in Canada. In 2006, the company was bought by Advanced Micro Devices(AMD) and was renamed to its present name. In spite of the acquisition, the ATI brand was maintained for the graphics cards until in the 2010, August 30. AMD has declared that it would retire "ATI" as the brand name of its graphics-chipsets and rename it to "AMD" starting late 2010. It is one of the widely used brands on display and motherboard providers throughout the world.