Top 10 Gadgets One Must Possess As A Techie


“Digitization” is the word trending out to be phenomenally gaining meaning and implementation as every day progresses. The world is moving every day an inch towards the complete attainment of a digital era. The main objective of this phenomenon sounds to be the requirements of people at the masses’ ease and comfort. Apart from these upgrading technologies on one end, people also need to get equipped with few tools that would smoothen the progression of their daily lives sans hiccups. Below, are few equipments which every techie must posses..

1) Power bank


We have had enough descriptions and commercials over the years, depicting the use of this gadget. Say, you are talking to your loved one and while discussing an important issue, perhaps a life deciding one, your phone dies before you could convey your emotions, and the rest will be history.


At such situations, if we have a backup for maintaining the charge in our phones, one can have an uninterrupted conversation at ease. Under such circumstances, power bankcomes to the rescue, as it has a capacity equivalent of battery of 12 phones of one’s. Well, that is indeed large to withstand for a week without putting one’s phone to charge.


2) Wireless charger


The concept of wireless chargers were brought in just to eliminate the need of frequent plugging in and out your phones from the charger port. This inturn reveals the logical fact that, although they are named as “wireless” chargers, they are not literally wireless.


They are placed over a charging pad which serves as a power giving platform, and this charging pad is connected to a port. Hence, instead of plugging out and in of the charger port, one can easily lift and place the mobile on the charging pad. Thus, wireless chargers help in easy access of mobiles. We know wireless chargers colloquially as the power ports.


3) Storage expansion medium


One of the main issues that serves as a hindrance to a gadget’s efficiency, is storage. Hence, there arises a need to have a backup medium other than the device’s physical storage, to keep a large amount of information without dependency over anyone else’s resource. Such storage expansion mediums range from various capacities, from a small 4GB pen drive to a 2TB hard drive.


And it is not advisable to carry the physical medium wherever we go, and whatever the situations might be. At such scenarios, these medium help in easy portability of information and also ensure security.


4) Google Chromecast


This is for those who love watching movies in big screens. Having a miniature screen laptop would not give you a satisfactory experience. Instead, a scenario where you can view online video portals on the television would not be great? That is what Chromecast does exactly.


It streams the online video channels such as Netflix and YouTube when plugged into devices such as television. This would enable in having a better entertainment experience on a larger screen.


5) Tile


Tile is for the Einstein kind of people, i.e., for the people who forget the fundamental stuffs. If you feel you would forget the whereabouts of an object, you can use a ‘Tile’. Tile is a kind of tracker tool, which can be tracked via Bluetooth.

If you connect the tile to your mobile, you can know where the corresponding object is when you are within 100 feet away from the object. This might sound as a miniature version of a GPS tracker, but it does not require location information as the latter.


6) A Personal Assistant


Well, here we consider the personal assistant in the digitized format! Personal assistants help in reducing our efforts of manual interaction with the gadget as they are built over a voice receptor and voice synthesizer working over natural language processing and they decode our voice/audio information and derive the meaning from the words identified and perform the action that the derived words mean when collectively put. Once they come up with the solution, they return the output to us in the form of voice coupled with images or graphs whenever necessary.


This eliminates the need to manually type and search and arrive results and inturn enhances our multitasking capability, say we can buy an accessory in online while we are driving our locomotive by mere commands to the personal assistant. Echo, developed by Amazon, running on Alexa, the assistant built on a cloud platform is an example of a personal assistant.


7) Bluetooth speakers


Bluetooth speakers come handy when you need good audio enhancement tools without much installation time and manual effort. We know them better as the wireless speakers. Wired speakers suffer a limitation of their wire cables adjusting only to a single kind of equipment.


Bluetooth speakers, on the other end, do not require the need for a wired connection to be set up.As all gadgets support Bluetooth, these speakers can be connected to any device, be it a mobile phone or a television. Thus, one can experience a high-quality entertainment experience with these speakers.


8) Tablets


Tablets are gadgets that serve as an intermediate to the mobile phones and the personal computers. They are an interbreed version of the two. They inherit characteristics from both the tools. They support the portability aspect of a mobile and the efficiency perspective of a personal computer.


This is very useful for people in business arenas as they can bring the necessary details to be contained in their laptops and mobile phones under one platform and keep them at ease.


9) Microphone embedded earphones


This is one of the most advantageous tool of all. One might contain many information in the mobile for one’s easy usage. When a call hits in, there might arise a scenario where one must look up to the information in one’s phone to progress his communication. At such times, it is not advisable to bring your phone down from your ear and see to the information by making the client to hold on till you see, and then resuming back further. And multiple instances of such routine would frustrate the person on the other end and lead to disharmony. One can employ headphones, as they use in call centres, but carrying large headsets wherever you go is not advisable too owing to the fact that headphones are huge to keep resting on one’s shoulder all the time. This is where an earphone embedded with the microphone comes into play. Simply plug in the earphone and handle a call simultaneously while viewing and processing the document in your phone. This keeps things pretty much simple and comfortable!


10) Virtual Reality Headsets


Virtual reality has become an instant hit in the technology market, thanks to its application in gaming sectors. Surely, the feel of having the killer standing beside you rather than within a 10×18 screen of gadget enhances the factor of a real-time experience and sounds incredible. With VR into play, gamers can achieve an environment bringing in the panoramic view of 360 degree.


The process of VR is carried out using a headset configured to suit the necessities of virtual reality, and one knows it colloquially as the VR headset. One can experience Virtual Reality of the multimedia information in one’s phone by just fitting it inside a VR headset. Oculus Rift, developed under Microsoft, is a perfect example of an equipment supporting Virtual Reality.


Getting equipped with all the tools cited above, one can have a smooth yet digitized living which would keep oneself at ease and provides maximum comfort and convenience on a daily basis. So, get equipped techies with all the above!!!


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