The Top 10 Blackberry software


Top 10 Blackberry Software

Blackberry is a smart phone integrated with different software to keep you in touch with the latest information, and techniques. Black berry is one of the most stylish and innovative device. It allows you to communicate with others through chat, email and messages. There are a number of software used in blackberry smart phone; few of them are listed below.

Blackberry is a smart phone integrated with different software

DataViz Documents

This application allows you to create word documents. Also you can edit, delete and check spellings of your documents. Likewise, you can also view your documents in MS word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint and PDF format. This application is available for a 30-day free trial version, after which you have to purchase.


Nowadays Facebook is a basic need for everyone, exactly the reason why the blackberry users lag behind. Facebook application software allows blackberry users to access their FB account on their smart phone and use Facebook’s applications as they are used in desktop PC. Users can synchronize their contacts with their Facebook account. It allows users to view posts, update status, tag and upload of photos.

Bolt Beta

It is a browser for blackberry smart phone which allows users to access any web page quickly. You also have the option of photo and video uploading, video streaming and much more. This software is free to use.

BB Weather

This is free software which provides weather updates of any location in the world to blackberry user. You just need to put your city name/code and within few seconds, all weather forecasts will appear on screen with this programmed add-on application.

BB Today

For users who need to use reminders and calendars, this blackberry application is the most suitable software. You can manage your appointments, manage reminders & missed calls, maintain notifications and daily alerts, all in one single software. This software is free to use.

Storm lock OS 4.7

If you got problem when it comes to handling black berry’s touch screen during a call then don’t mess with it. Simply install Storm lock OS 4.7 on your Blackberry smart phone. This will surely solve your problem. During a call, it will automatically disable your touch screen and when your call ends; your touch screen will be enabled again. Likewise, you will have no issues when it comes to touching the screen-whether it’s your face or not.

IM+ Messenger

There is no need to install all messengers separately. Just download IMplus messenger and it will provide you the latest and the most useable messengers like Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN. It will also allows you to interact with your friends, family and relatives any time. Isn’t it really easy?

Blackberry Unite

For business-oriented users, Blackberry Unite is wonderful software. It allows them to share their team tasks, reminders, calendars and personal documents from any location. Therefore you won’t need to be in front of your employees or friends to share business information, pictures, and reports. All you need to do is use Black berry Unite and it will provide you all the above mentioned features under one application.


Now if you want to ask about security software for Blackberry then CryptMagic is the best answer to your question. You can save your PIN numbers, confidential files or information, and even encrypt passwords by using this software application. You will be the only person who can decrypt your personal information.

Email Viewer V2

Email Viewer V2 is the most suitable blackberry application for those who have lots of emails to be answered daily. This application have the features of attachment views, forwarding emails, addition and saving of any email to your address book, deleting or adding and creating task sheets or calendar for your emails. Simply purchase this software and get the benefit of accessing your email account at any location in the world through this amazing device.


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