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Big Data Analytics Best Practices & Worst Mistakes

What is Big Data Analytics? Let’s first answer this question before we try to understand the Big Data Analytics best practices that you must follow and the worst mistakes you must avoid to ensure success in business and become one among the top Big Data Analytics Companies.

Big Data Analytics – An Introduction

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Amazing Services of Application Layer

An Application layer provides services to the user. It is the last layer of OSI model.

It provides services like mail, access web, network management, file transfer and access etc.

Category: Security

Role of Active Directory Auditing in Security

Chalk it up to human nature, but it is all part of the job when you are running servers. Political scientists put it nicely when they ask, "Where and when does who gets what?" Who's logged on to which computer? Which resources are they requesting? This tracking and logging of who is accessing which resource from computers on the network is called auditing.