3 Surprising Facts About PDF


PDF is not only limited to read-only documents. It has both advanced and hidden features you can use to create wonders. We are going to talk about these features later and see how it can improve your daily documentation with better interaction.

Creating Forms:

You need to create a form from the ground. This will give you a room to include text, form fields, images, and creative design. This helps to create the main layout right from a blank page. In case you already have a document which you want to convert into an interactive form, you can convert it to save time.

However, there are some basics you need to remember to get better results. Later, we are going to give you a few tips to create fillable forms:

Tab Order: You have to keep things simple for users so they can move from field to field with ease while they set a custom tab order. When you edit, form fields show up the list on the right panel. You can set tab order of buttons you created right here.

Keep Copies: Make this a habit. When creating PDF documents, you have to keep a Master Copy for yourself.  Who knows but you might have to save different versions of form for different users. Therefore, you need to safe keep a master version that works in professional software with advanced features.

You can also save a web version which doesn’t have an advanced feature so you can cater to a specific audience.

Field Name and Creations: PDF software is great for automating features like Font Size, etc. But you can improve the end product by checking everything. If you don’t keep track of the progress, you will soon find out that your form is designed for visually impaired people.

With that being said, you need to remain organized to ensure when it comes to the naming convention for form fields. This lets you reuse them and add advanced features like calculations, etc.

Custom Template:

When you choose a PDF solution for your business, you need to ensure that the program supports interactive forms. Moreover, you need something that offers you an ability to collect data from documents and makes it easy to standardize a custom format.

Annotate Online:

You need to check online resources if you want to add sticky notes. There are different PDF note taking applications for both Mac and Windows PCs.  You can choose an application online, which highlights a section and forward anchored note button. Once you type annotation, you will see the sticky note appearing on PDF.

This will also let you export notes to another document as a single file. You just have to select a text file to edit your notes. The result will add a highlighted section which will be followed by your note.

Copying right from PDF won’t create the results you would want. Therefore, you need to save your skin by getting the right application according to the Soda pdf software you use.


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