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Category: Web Development

What is Ajax and assembly language?

AJAX is a specific terminology which is used to explain an approach that is utilized to design and implement numerous web based application. It is basically a contraction for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. A member of the web-designing firm, Adaptive Path, first used this term that originated in the region of San Francisco, named Jesse James Garrett. He considered this term when he envisioned that there is a need for a sellable and easy technique to pitch a particular design to build up your clients.

Category: Security

Windows Vista User Account Control

User Account Control(UAC) is a Windows security module introduced first by Microsoft's Windows Vista. Lately come with Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems. Its goal is to improve the security of Microsoft Windows by restraining applications access to standard user. So applications only trusted by the user may receive administrative rights, operating system can easily be protected from malware. User Interface Privilege Isolation is used in combination with User Account Control to isolate lower-privilege applications communicating from higher-privilege processes.

Category: Security

Websense: ISA Differences and Uses

Websense is based on San Diego Company that specialize Web security gateway software. Websense clients - businesses and governments are allowed to obstruct contact to websites selected categories. A number of censure was received by the Company from civil liberty clusters for a ground that websense is providing exploitive system in a way that it restricts freedom of speech.


Phil Trubey was the one who founded Websense in 1994. It was in year 2000 when it was exposed to the community.

Category: Operating System

Major Functions of Windows Management

Windows Management is very basic thing for I.T users, whether they are basic users or professional users. In Windows Management, people have to keep their operating system in a very healthy condition by applying certain command and operation while working with any Windows Operation System. It includes the disk defragmentation, formatting storage devices, security and viruses issues, users account management, windows updating and much more.

Category: Others

What Makes the Difference between a Blog and an Article?

In writing the content for websites, there are two different ways of presenting it - blogs and articles. Occasionally, an article appears like a blog and so the content is identical to one another. It is not easy to identify the difference between these two types of written output. Before deciding whether it must be a blog or an article, one needs to comprehend the differences between the two forms of writing.

Category: Software

What is Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)?

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is a software provider for Microsoft Windows operating systems and software for updating services. The system works hand in hand with the public Microsoft Update website to provide administrators more control.