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Category: C++

What is the definition of the following term: new(), delete(), malloc(), free(). Hi, what are the differences between them? In the above terms which is better in the C++ perspective? Please write me with example.

Category: Anti-Virus


I have installed AVG antivirus software. Now I want to uninstall the antivirus software.

But I am not able to uninstall the software.

If I reinstall the Windows XP then the same problem occur.

In both cases give the following message: You have no privilege to execute the task.

In my PC only one user: administrator.

I have a Samsung RV408 Laptop. But the laptop does not display properly. After displaying the BIOS screen, the display is off. I have reinstalled the Windows XP. But the problem is not solved. When I install Windows XP then the display is ok. Please help me.

Category: Printers

I have Samsung 3471nd printer. The printer is working properly. But after shut down my computer the printer does not get power. I have checked the power cable. The power cable is ok. Also I have reinstalled the printer driver. But it does not get power. How can I solve the problem?

Category: Windows Vista

Windows Vista has been installed in my desktop. Now I want to delete Windows Vista and install Windows XP. But I am not able to complete the task, in the usual way (at first I insert an XP CD, then according to the instruction). It is just not being possible.

Please, write to me on how I can complete the task.

Hi, I have a Samsung 14” monitor. When I start my system unit the display in my monitor is ok. But after four to six minutes the monitor display only white color. The color changes occur slowly not suddenly. Please say to me how I can solve the problem.

Category: Printers

I have Samsung 3471nd printer. When I command for printing a multiple pages word document then the first page print out as a blank page. Then the print is started in proper way (From first page). I want to stop the problem. Please write me the process.

Category: Oracle Database

Dear, I have designed a database using Oracle 9i. Now I want to design user interface for the database using the oracle developer. But I don’t know the connection process of oracle database and oracle developer. Please help me.


I have three networks, using the following network id:, and

Now I want to combine the networks, into a single network. Also if I combine the networks into a single network then what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Please inform me the details.

Category: Oracle Database

Hi, I want to design a database for my company business in Oracle. But I don’t know how I shall get better performance from my database. How can we organize the table spaces in Oracle database to have maximum performance?