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I am using various kinds of font . I need some fonts to be installed. And also, I do not know how to find Bangla font to use in pc. I am trying many more times to use Bangla font . I have also installed Bangla font Bijoy . But i cannot use it. I do not know why and how I could use it ?


Qubee modem is to use are so comfortable.

I know it is so fast and very good modem .

Its user are so good to use it. I have installed it few months ago. There are a simple problem

To use it that is sometimes it fails it,s bandwidth. There is no connection are found.

I do not 

Know what is the problem it is ?

I need help to prevent this problem .


What is domain? How can I get domain. Is there any websites that give free domain. Please inform me about this.

Category: Misc Hardware

It is mostly observed that if you want to listen FM in cell phones you always have to connect hands free first, why it is not built-in install in Mobile phones?

Category: Assembly

What is the difference between program and a software?

This seems to be an identical ideas.

Is there any way that we can extent the life of battery, as we can easily by doing both terminals charge non - rechargeable battery, why is it not recommended?

Category: Misc Software

I have a little problem with routing in FL Studio 9. 

lets say i have 7 mixer channels, each filled with different samples. Now i want to connect all these 7 channels to a one new empty channel so that all the effects,samples in these 7 channels will be heard in that new empty channel.

It would be a lot easier to control drums that way but i don't know how to do it. 

Is this even possible with FL? i have watched some tutorials about routing but i didn't really get what i wanted

Category: Skype

I download Skype but am having trouble progressing to making any calls, as my microphone is not working, in spite of configuring it as advised In the Tools - Options - menu I don't have the "Sound Devices" button and so am unable to configure the Audio In and Audio Out..

Category: Internet

I have a login problem - I get this msg "There was a problem connecting with Facebook.

Check your Internet connection and try again. even though I'm connected to the internet!.

Any Suggestions?

Category: Firefox

I'm using Firefox Mozilla. I want to listen to music from such the site mp3. zing.vn, but I can not listen online and I must download the song to my PC when I want to listen. Previously, I could listen to music or videos on the site but now It no longer, I must download music .

Please help me!!!. Thank you so much.