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March 8th, 2012

Category: Internet

CometBird web browser user guide

This is a new web browser called CometBird. It’s a heavy duty and speed full web browser that can make you Firstart to connect internet and also give you a better service with no hanging problem. Make your communication skill with many add ones. However you have to know where you found and how can install. So, here is the instruction for you.

How to Download

March 7th

Category: Operating System

Microsoft with amazing Windows 8 Operating System

Microsoft is one of the main providers of Operating Systems in the world. With time it launches new operating systems with new technology for the users. It’s amazing new operating systems in the form of windows are regularly upgraded and launched new features in different windows. Microsoft after the success of amazing features of windows 7, it has launched windows 8 consumers preview for customers over the world and can also download it.

What’s new in windows 8?

March 6th

Category: Software

Google Chrome for internet browsing

Google Chrome

Google Chrome (software) is an internet browser fully aged by Google go uses the Filigree Threads construction motor. It was principal loose because a beta curtailment for Windows in September, and the mention predetermined cut back was in December. The establishment is constructive unfamiliar the graphical buyer interface verge, or "chrome", of openwork browsers.

March 5th

Category: Software

Properly user interface of CCleaner 3.16

CCleaner is simple software for computer that can help you to cleaning unnecessary and temporary file (which make your computer slower) from your C drive and other software cookies like Internet explorer, Firefox etc.  If you use Windows operating system you can easily download and install in your computer.

Download and installation

March 4th

Category: Apple

IPad3 going to make the rumors true?

The lovers of Apple Technology are very much eager to know about the release date of iPad 3. Some days ago Apple sent invitation cards to the media to attend the opening ceremony of Apple iPad 3. If it really happens, undoubtedly, a large number of people will be very happy. According to the sources, iPad 3 will have some new features and facilities. And surely the feature and the facilities will be mind blowing. Its display will be the most attractive thing of it. Use of dual-LED backlight makes the picture quality very high and different from the other devices. iPad 3 will lose some of its weights than iPad 2.

Category: Internet

How Electronic Funds Transfer Works

Electronic Funds Transfers emerged as one of the most needed technology in the world. Funds transfers through cash paid by hands are less effective, not secured, and time consuming. EFT emerged quickly and now practicing all over all the world by each and every organizations and even every single person is now involved in it.

Cash or check payment system between two persons or organizations were slow process, not much secure and cost more than EFT. EFT costs only few cents in comparison with check which costs in $1 to $2. It enhanced the purchasing powers of people who once not able to buy products outside the city or country through check because of inability of acceptance or delay process.

March 3rd

Category: Internet

Websites are biggest reasons for earning profit of companies:

Websites is a kind of platform design by professional for themselves or for companies to sell their products or services through website on an internet. Through emerging technology and advancements in e-commerce, lot of new companies and older companies are designing websites and putting specific data and related information on net to do quantity sales and earn a qualified profit after covering all expenses.

Category: Developer

Drop Down Menu Importance for Websites:

Drop down menu is a way of adding more attractiveness to your website. It allows users to easily find the required information inside the site. Good display menu for a website results in all over benefits of users as well as creator or founder of site. Clear purpose of website in easily identified through drop down menus. Drop down menu not required much skills rather basic knowledge of how to create it, knowledge of CSS and JavaScript is necessary. Pure CSS menus all users to see menus on those browsers which not supports JavaScript.

March 2nd

Tablets with its distinguishing features makes it most demandable

Tablet PC's one of the latest emerging technology in the world and growing very fast. Tablets which are larger than mobiles but with innovative technology enable people to do multiple computing tasks on it. Tablets are quick, very small in size and touchable screen distinguish it from other PC's.

Category: Virus & Spyware

Some Most Excellent Antivirus for 2012

Here is the review of 10 antivirus programs which are best and released the latest version package for 2012. The list is same as the 2011 and the best programs are enriched with the powerful tools and features again.

To make this list, the antivirus software had to pass in five areas. These were ability of protection, easy to use, effectiveness, easy to install and good new features. It was approved and tested by test labs like AV-Comparatives and Virus Bulletin which are leading in this sector.

Here is the review of best 10 programs of antivirus software: