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Category: Networking

Convergence and Overview to Some Network Peripherals

Convergence is the perfect term to describe computer networks. Computer network or merely called a network is simply defined as a way for computers to speak or communicate with each other.

With the benefits of a network, life becomes more practical and convenient. Establishing communication with different people from various spots in the world is just some clicks away, reducing cost and time constraint. Through network, computers can send file to each other, receive emails from each other, share various hardware and resources with each other, set up a security, preserve information and a mixture of dozens other things.

Category: Hardware


The world of computers. Computer-related technologies and computer products are becoming more and more complex as the manufacturers of these technologies and products try to make them more suitable to the user's requirements as well as making them  more user-friendly and easy for the normal people to use without the requirement of technical knowledge.

Due to these reasons, computers and their related products have become cheaper, easy to use and they enable their users to achieve their tasks in a much more effective and efficient manner.

March 30th

Category: Cloud Computing

Cloud Migration Software, Their Benefits, Features and Why to Use Them

Cloud Migration Tools

Do you want to migrate towards the cloud and want such a tool to do so? Well, this is how you can precede your stuff without mislaying precious metadata.

Category: Security

Checkpoint Firewall – the best at all times

There are a number of security software around that claim to be more effective when it comes to the protection of networks and overall business processes. Most of them come along with different hardware, which make the processes of protection more effective. 

But to get the most effective software among all the competitors, we came across different inquiries that resulted to a dispute between ISA, Checkpoint, and PIX activists.

Category: Cloud Computing


The term IAAS stands for a company acronym Infrastructure as a Service. The service is provided to the consumers to store, process, and facilitate the fundamental computing resources. In this service, the keeper can rely upon for taking chances including operation systems and applications as well.

March 29th

Category: Others

Back up: History, Types and Devices

In our everyday life, a lot of things come and go, but we need something we can go back to for us to continue and base our decisions from. That is where the word back-up comes in. Back-up is an idiomatic expression that means ‘a reserve or a substitute’. This word is mostly used in the ‘Techy’ world, as what we call the fast-paced world of technology.


Category: Virus & Spyware

Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus is among the most popular when it comes to efficiency in protecting your computer. Its popularity is related to the thoroughness and holism of its scanning capabilities.

This can be quickly installed to your computer and is highly effective in the prevention of malware getting into your computer systems.

March 28th

Category: Exchange 2007

Delegation in exchange 2007 & 2010

Delegation in exchange 2007: It is necessary to know how to delegate server-administration-2007.

Microsoft-Exchange-Server 2007 gives the capability for the Exchange-administrators to delegate executive as well as management blame for the server to the individual otherwise assemblage of personal when it works in a spread actions organization scenario.

HP Client Automation

The Right Software Solution for Your Business Needs

HP Client Automation is an automated tool that is used to manage routine computing tasks.

March 26th

Category: Operating System

BitLocker and its standard criteria

Bitlocker and its criteria BitLocker is a disk encryption software. Its function is to secure data by providing encryption for the entire drive. BitLocker is featured only in the latest versions of Microsoft OS such as Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows server 2008, and Windows server 2008 R2 (Ultimate and Enterprise editions).

There are three authentication mechanisms to encrypt: