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10 Best Inventions for Upgrading Our Life

Nothing is impossible for us human beings. As time passes by, technology became the main driving force of man's advancement to civilization. New technologies were born as human look for innovations to make their day-to-day lives easier. Remember the blissful technology which introduced the microwave and Apple i-series? Despite having those huge contributions to technology, we are still inventing more technical and useful things to make our daily lives easier. Here's the list of the top 10 best inventions for 2011:

1. PCEye:

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Top 20 Best Free Software for Windows Vista Operating System

Now you do not need to spend huge cash for buying suitable software for your Windows Vista PC because various software is available without any cost. Just surf the net and choose the most appropriate software that will best suit your needs. Here is the top 20 free software list for Windows Vista operating system.

1. Audacity:

This is a free software that will help you in editing and recording audio. You will be able to record any type of audio and convert it into DVD or CDs.