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Top 10 Must-Have Free Web Developer Tools

I have included a list of available tools that can help web developers create projects fast and effectively. There are a lot of tools that can considerably increase browsing speed and reduce web issues. These can help in debugging and improving the quality of the site.

The following tools and utilities are described below:

1. Firebug

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Does iOS 5.0.1 prove to be a game changer for Mac or not

On November 24 Mac has launched the newest update for iOS 5. The coming of iOS 5.0 turned out to be a nightmare for Mac products such as iPhone and iPad’s. Although the interactive interface is better, the multi-touch response failed to achieve the user’s satisfaction.

The flaws which are present in iOS 5 are as follows:

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All you need to know about Intel-Ivy Bridge 3rd Generation Processors

Followed by the i-series 2nd generation processors, Intel introduced the latest 3rd generation processor with code name “Ivy Bridge”. This will power the Ultrabook 2012 Devices. Ivy Bridge will be release on March 2012. The Ivy Bridge is packed with some new features including new Intel 3d transistor technology which will make Intel processor more efficient in less power consumption. This comes in 22nm process technology which means this processor will run demanding application much more efficiently than the Intel previous generation of processor.

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The newly release FIFA 12

FIFA 12 came as the 19th game in "Electronic Arts" FIFA series of video games of association football.

Some adjustments, brand new functions and features

In accordance with EA sports, FIFA 12 presents numerous improvements and latest features over its forerunners. In many years, it is for the very first time the game has redesigned demonstration as well as front-end employing menu of side-scrolling bar system replacing the common vertical menus, and the latest impact engine.

Style of Game play

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The Differences Between iPad and iPad 2

Apple is a brand name that most people desire. This brand has taken place in our hearts with the quality of their products. They always launch something that will amaze us and up to this day, Apple is continuously entertaining us with their product’s uniqueness. The most recent Apple innovation with complete uniqueness is the iPad, and the second generation which is the iPad 2.

Now let’s see the differences between the two unique products of Apple, the iPad and the iPad 2.

1. Dimension:

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The Best Xbox 360 Games to Play

The Xbox 360 is a massively popular device with more and more games that are being released each day due to the demand and usage by today’s population. Here are the ten best games to play on your Xbox 360.

Mass Effect 2

The concept of the game was influenced by the earlier version which is the Mass Effect, but it is better now and many visible features have been changed. This is certainly one of the best games for Xbox 360 with added missions and combats; the aspects have been upgraded for an enhanced experience and the game is also free of bugs.