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Complete Solution to iTunes Match Issues

Apple has come with something extremely worth the brand in which they call, the iTunes Match. Now, Apple users can match, upload and play their existing music, in which you cannot obtain from iTunes store with high-performing versions of iClouds. However, many users of iTunes Match are facing problems, which defame the service. Let's have some solution to the probable issues of iTunes Match.

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Data Protection from CheckPoint

Who and what is CheckPoint Software?

Checkpoint Software Technologies Ltd. is not only the author of data protection software; they are also the pioneer of Computer Security applications, as well as the integrated Turnkey Security gateway solutions. It offers security from home users to corporate giants, comprehensive data and computer protection applications. They also offer products such as hardware firewalls, gateways, virtual ports and more; including the widest and most secure range of computer protection products. Let’s take a look at the product from Check Point which is called the Pointsec.

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Top 10 Mobile Phone Manufacturers: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Today, mobile phones have become a vital part of everyone’s lives. With the rapid change in time and technology, the use of mobile phones became global.  Everywhere we go, in bus stands or in shopping malls, we see people texting or calling. People use it not only to connect with others but also to share data, to email, to browse the web and to experience rich multimedia in their hands.

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Android 4: Ice Cream Sandwich that turns out to be a desert to its user

Google releases a preview of its new operating system which is Android 4 or also known as the “Ice Cream Sandwich” in Hong Kong on the 19th of October. This latest innovation from Google has some very exciting features that include Head Tracking 3D, the front-facing camera makes video calling easy, data usage tools and many more. This time Google has made new improvements in terms of designing with new intuitive interface, better memory usage, periodic updates and better multitasking management. Initially, it comes with Galaxy Nexus but soon it will be available on other handheld devices.

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The 10 Best Wireless Computer Speakers and Headphones

1. Creative Inspire T12-Wireless

Creative Inspire T12-Wireless is a great innovation without the need for wires. It is excellent for home and office use.

2. Audio Engine 5

Audio Engine 5 is one of the best wireless PC speakers in the market today. If you want great quality sound without the hassle of plugging them anywhere, this is the speaker for you.

3. Cambridge MicroWorks II PC Speakers

If you want a simple wireless PC speaker and if you are under a tight budget, then this package would work out well for you since they provide quality sound in a very affordable price.

4. Rocketfish Digital Wireless PC Speakers

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Comparison between Apple iPhone 4S and Apple iPhone 4

Apple have released the new iPhone 4S. It is one of the best flares in every design. And it will become the number one Smartphone in the world. The new iPhone 4S is the same dimension with iPhone 4 but there is a huge difference between their features, specification, technology and software manufacture.

The processor of Apple iPhone 4S is dual core A5 chip which is up to 2 times faster performance and 7 times faster graphics than Apple iPhone 4. These powerful cores and faster graphics create a difference in all application. The phone memory of Apple iPhone 4 is 8 GB but iPhone 4S have available in 16 GB or 32 GB or 64 GB sizes.