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  • If it’s about the most popular mobile brands, Nokia has always been on the top.  Nokia updates its products as per the trends and it never fails to satisfy its customers. 2018 seems to be another hit for Nokia as i […]

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  • Microsoft 2019 was announced last year as a successor to the Office 2016 and it was also said that it would be a non-subscription version. Microsoft has said that they will prospect the Office 2019 with a […]

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  • A good GPU is a very significant part of a good gaming PC. You may have a fast CPU, good storage, and memory but if you don’t have a good graphics card you won’t be able to enjoy your desired game fully. A decade a […]

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  • No one wants to charge a phone constantly. In fact, constant charging affects your phone’s battery. Every battery has an expiry date so do the phone batteries. Before you make charging a habit, you must know few i […]

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  • If you are a responsible parent, you will want to monitor how your children are using their Android phones. A manager would like to ensure that his employees are not busy using their phones while at work. […]

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  • Do you have the dream is creating a site that will allow you to make money from your own home? If this is the case, there are quite a few things that you need to become familiar with. The online business world is […]

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  • 1) Autonomous vehicle

    The unmanned vehicle can sense the changes in the outside the automobile through different output values of the sensor attached to the car and can take actions without a human’s […]

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  • 1) Green Cars

    The fuel used in the car is of the right grade.
    The exhaust gas of green cars contain less harmful chemicals or no chemicals at all.
    The renewable source of fuel used to run the […]

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  • The Do Not Disturb feature is an aid in an android phone, which is used to silence the unwanted notifications that disturb you when you are asleep or doing some important work. We all want to get notified of all […]

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  • Games are the stress boosters for teenagers and youth nowadays. Almost more than half of the population of people using the Android phones has one or more than one games on their phone, to play. Games are a part […]

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  • Google Chrome is a web browser invented by the Google Company. It has been launched in September, in the year 2008. It is the most widely used browser written in C++ and available in 47 languages, such as […]

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  • In today’s modern and digitalized world more than half of the population is exerted towards mobile phones with an Android operating system. These mobile phones have become so paramount for an individual, that […]

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  • In the present occupied world, any business requires a solid foundation, settled system associations, capable servers to deal with heaps of clients or exchanges and so on, to prevail in their trade. Associations […]

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  • The significance of information in the present business is hard to exaggerate because of the investigation of applicable information. The information examination drives the leadership as well as takes a dynamic […]

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  • The quantity of tech business openings is required to increment by 12% by 2024, which will prompt an ever-increasing number of employments are getting to be accessible to IT experts. While work searchers will […]

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  • 1. Grace Hopper

    A computer programmer who developed a compiler to use in COBOL language. She is also a military leader. Hopper contributed to the development of the primary techniques to the most […]

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  • 1. Timothy Berner Lee

    The inventor of World Wide Web (www) and a renowned British computer scientist. His contribution to the World Wide Web was to view hypertext pages on the internet. The main elements […]

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  • 1. Japan

    The country employs advanced technology in all their applications and devices.
    Very fast in upgrading their systems if there are any requirements to make changes so that the devices can […]

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  • 1. IH-Tsunamis System (IH-Tsusy)

    An online tool which is rated 4.8/5 which is available at play store for androids.
    The users get the notification about the earthquakes around the world to the current […]

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  • The most valuable asset for a standardized life is a proper calendar. Google Calendar, launched on April 13, 2006, is accessible as a mobile operation for IOS mobile and Android mobile operating systems. It is a […]

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